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Band to Watch: Charlotte, NC’s Indie Garage Rockers Coma League

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Coma League is a Charlotte indie band consisting of singer and guitarist Ben Gelnett and drummer Kevin Markie. The duo began playing together last year and the style that emerged is a metamorphosis of garage rock, blues, lo-fi, alternative and folk as evidenced by their debut EP, This Could Be The Night on Kinnikinnik Records. Bassist Blake Raynor of The Stone Figs recently joined the band to play live gigs and work on the band’s first full-length album.

Coma League’s sound reminds me of The Format and even Modest Mouse, which isn’t much of a surprise since they list the latter as one of their main musical influences, in addition to Elliott Smith and Bug Hummer. When performing live, Gelnett likes to classify the band’s genre of music as “crunk punk”.

“Pros and Cons”Coma League from This Could Be The Night EP (2009)

“Kiser Rolls”Coma League from This Could Be The Night EP (2009)

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