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Recent Releases We Almost Missed, IX: Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger!, Venice Is Sinking, Goodnight Loving, Kingsley Flood, Luna is Honey

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“ Whispers” - Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger! from Whispers – July 15th

“Tugboat”Venice is Sinking from Sand & Lines – June 15th

“Bullets” - Wilson Reservoir from self titled LP – June 29th

“The Pan”Goodnight Loving from The Goodnight Loving Supper Party – July 20th

“Cul de Sac”Kingsley Flood from Dust Windows – April 12th

“Mastodon March Smilodon Smile”Beast Please Beast from single – Aug. 10th

“Be Africa”Bibi Tanga & The Selenites from Dunya – June 15th

“Burn It Down” - AWOLNATION from Back From Earth EP – Aug. 3rd

“Claws” - Luna Is Honey from CopyCats EP – June 15th

“Undreamt”Painted Face from Painted Face – June 22nd

“Prime Numbers” – Mystery Song

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  1. turn out that Prime Numbers song helped me learn the prime numbers hahahaha

  2. Prime numbers was pretty hilarious…i couldnt help but find out who the band was. Turns out its a band called the two man gentlemen band.

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