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Best New Releases This Week – The Vaccines, Kids on a Crime Spree, Mando Diao, Robert Pollard, Seapony, Miwa Gemini, Son Lux

Between returning from the trek up to Sasquatch in central Washington, and catching up with everything since then, we are a ‘lil late with this week’s Best New Releases. Apologies on that. That said, of all the week’s new releases, The VaccinesWhat Did You Expect From The Vaccines? is definitely our top album pick, and one of our favorite LPs of 2011, so far. We’ve already spun the whole disc about five or six times. The Vaccines are one of the biggest breakout bands of 2011, and their debut album, out now, proves over and over again why that is so true.

And, there are some really excellent singles this week from new releases by Kids on a Crime Spree, Mando Diao, Robert Pollard, Seapony, and others. Plus, don’t miss new releases this week from artists and bands you’ve probably never heard of before. Each of the artists featured in the In Dee Mail section sent their music to us directly via our submission form. We think you might be surprised at how good some of the music that you probably haven’t heard before really is. :)

“If You Wanna”The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

“Norgaard”The Vaccines from What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

“Sweet Tooth”Kids On a Crime Spree from We Love You So Bad

“Dance with Somebody”Mando Diao from Give Me Fire!

“In A Circle”Robert Pollard from Lord of the Birdcage

“Dreaming”Seapony from Go With Me

Double-shot: “Blue Star”Seapony from Go With Me

“Goodnight Trail”Miwa Gemini from Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose

“Circuital”My Morning Jacket from Circuital

“Pirata”Ocote Soul Sounds from Taurus

“Rising”Son Lux from We Are Rising

In Dee Mail Releases

When applicable, we include new releases from relatively unknown artists and bands that we like who specifically sent us their music via the submission form on the About page. It will be interesting to see how listeners react to the songs below. We’ll be looking at the number of downloads to gauge which of these bands people seem interested in, and please definitely leave some comments. The artists below, including Nashville’s I Believe In Hotpants, San Francisco band Charlottesville, Swiss band Costa, Inc., that get the largest overall response will be featured in upcoming posts of In Dee Mail.

The first thing we thing we thought of was Arctic Monkeys when we heard the following two tracks from Manchester rock band The Stand. Could be a band to watch?

“Waiting for a Sign”The Stand from The Green Room
Double-shot: “Inside Your Mind”The Stand from The Green Room

“Is That You, Fr. Payeras?”I Believe in Hotpants from The Teenage Pregnancy Party

“An Outclassed Song Title” I Believe in Hotpants from The Teenage Pregnancy Party

“A Hundred”Charlottesville from The Heron That Taught Us

“In Recollection” –  Charlottesville from The Heron That Taught Us

“Spring” Costa, Inc. from Our Little Parallel World

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