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After nearly five years since their last album, the long awaited, highly anticipated, and already wildly popular, new album by The Shins, Port of Morrow, was officially dropped this week. The release followed weeks of build-up and buzz, and was complimented by appearances on SNL, The Late Show, SXSW, and widespread coverage on mainstream media sites and countless blogs.

The first single, “Simple Song,” is an excellent choice, even though there are a number of tracks on Port of Morrow that would have served just as well as the first single. Yet, like many songs by The Shins over the past 15 years, “Simple Song” has an anthemic feel to it. The B-side to “Simple Song” 7-inch vinyl, “September” is an acoustic, ballad-leaning love song, featuring injections of electric slide guitar reverb riffs, rhythmic bass and the iconic vocals of James Mercer.

“Simple Song”The Shins from Port of Morrow
B-side: “September” – The Shins from Port of Morrow
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Bonus Track: “It’s Only Life” – The Shins from Port of Morrow
(track via


Tanlines drew enthusiastic crowds to their various performances at SXSW last week in Austin. As a result, kudos to the label, True Panther Sounds, if it was a strategic move to drop Tanlines new album, Mixed Emotions right after SXSW. The shamelessly enjoyable dance pop of “All of Me,” the album’s first single, has been getting a lot of exposure and streams at various portals on the web, and the album is also receiving good reviews.

“All of Me”Tanlines from Mixed Emotions (Amazon Exclusive Version) via True Panther Sounds

Double-shot: “Lost Somewhere”Tanlines from Mixed Emotions (Amazon Exclusive Version) – track via Melophobe

Bonus: “Brothers”Tanlines from Mixed Emotions (Amazon Exclusive Version)

yukon blonde

The new album, Tiger Talk, from  Yukon Blonde is among our favorite albums of the week. If you like the lead single, “Stairway,” you’ll probably love the album.

“Stairway”Yukon Blonde from Tiger Talk on Dine Alone Records

Chapel Hill‘s psych pop/folk art band Lost In The Trees upped the ante this week with the release of their new album, A Church That Fits Our Needs. The lead track, “Golden Eyelids” is unforgivingly magical.

“Golden Eyelids”Lost In The Trees from A Church That Fits Our Needs on Anti Records – (track via Austin Town Hall)

“Jules”Cousins from The Palm at the End of the Mind on Saved by Vinyl

“Shannon”Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s from Rot Gut, Domestic on Mariel Recording Company


Fans of unabashed geek pop, and perhaps fans of Vampire Weekend (aren’t they one and the same?), may find themselves approving of the lead single, “You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)” from Gainesville, Florida band Morningbell‘s self released new album, Bassco Profundo. The track is a bit quirky and playful, featuring an infectious upbeat.

“You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)”Morningbell from Basso Profundo (self-released)

“Pads of Light”White Hills from Frying on This Rock on Thrill Jockey

Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagle fans have reason to be excited this week with the release of Daniel Rossen‘s new solo EP. On “Silent Song,” Rossen flourishes with guitar and vocal driven melodies and a mix of instruments that are interestingly woven throughout the song. The Wedding Present, trailblazers of the post-punk music scene of the 1980’s, follow-up their shows at SXSW last week with a new album, Valentina. The lead single, with a Tarzanesque title, “You Jane,” demonstrates that the aging veterans still have their mojo.

“Silent Song”Daniel Rossen from Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP on Warp
Double-shot: “Saint Nothing”Daniel Rossen from Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP on Warp

“You Jane”The Wedding Present from Valentina on Scopitones

“Off the Wall”Lee Ranaldo from Between the Times & the Tides on Matador

“Book Of Advice”Solander from Passing Mt. Satu on A Tenderversion Recording

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  1. I love the Shins. And I love Tanlines. This post was made for me. But seriously, that video that Emma posted is the bee’s knees!

  2. Thanks for sharing Yukon Blonde. I had never heard of them until just now and I am very impressed! I can always count on this website for fresh new tunes! Thanks again.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it too Alexander, but the bands are the ones to thank – we just pick out our favorites of the week and post them (even though a lot of work goes into it) – chances are, if you loved that playlist, you’ve want to check out the 12 other weekly playlist we’ve done so far – there’s some real gems in these mixes –

    2. Hey Rockie – That’s cool man that we turned you onto Yukon Blonde – and thanks for the kind words.

  3. I absolutely love The Shins’ new album! I also just found a video of them performing “Bait and Switch” at SXSW, which is sooo worth checking out! These guys are amazing 🙂

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