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Band to Watch: Fayetteville, Arkansas Indie Pop Band The Airplanes


On Friday, Fayetteville, Arkansas indie pop band The Airplanes dropped their self-released, self-titled debut album from which we have two singles to share with you. The single “A Summer Daydream Part I” surely has the feel of a hazy, hot summer day, and is sunny and upbeat thanks to the fuzzy, distant vocals, shimmering synths, glistening guitars, and a steady, tribal drum beat.

Somehow the song conjures up the image of blazing August day by the lake with friends, barbecuing, keeping the beer cold and enjoying the beautiful scenery painted by The Airplanes ‘chillwave’ lo-fi sound. On the second single, “Paper Hearts,” the sound is even more upbeat but with a Big Star style, understated vocals, and a foot-tapping melody and rhythm. The EP features a collection of noisy, melodic pop songs. The band’s major music influences include Brian Wilson, Big Star, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, The Beatles, The Olivia Tremor Control, and The Zombies, all of which are evident in their sound.

“A Summer Daydream Part I”The Airplanes from The Airplanes

“Paper Hearts”The Airplanes from The Airplanes

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  1. I’m loving this stuff! Thanks for introducing me to good bands. Entire EP can be found here:!/pages/The-Airplanes/232101853505409

    Check out the song Wasted Time. Good stuff

  2. Why would this not be available on itunes? It’s really good

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