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When we see a new video that we have to share with our audience, we will put them here. In fact, you can scroll below and watch all kinds of great music videos from both popular indie artists and DIY bands we think are talented.

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Ariel Pinks’ Haunted Graffiti’s video for “Bright Lit Blue Sky”

A Classic Education / I Lost Time from Enrico Boccioletti on Vimeo.

The Black Keys Hate Their Own Music Video (and who could blame them)

– by Maxwell Silver

When I first saw the video for The Black Keys’ new track “Next Girl”, I thought for sure it was a clever spoof by some film school brat who happened to have some very fine looking women tolerate being stalked and bothered by a stupid dinosaur hand puppet.

To my utter amazement and disbelief, the video below IS the official music video for the song “Next Girl”. Oh, LOL, I get it – make something so stupid with some beautiful women and puppet to represent one of the coolest rock duos in years, and naturally it’ll get people talking. Mission accomplished, right? Whatever. In fact, Dan Auerbach was so outraged when he saw this video, that he insisted the record label, Nonesuch, place a scrolling message of how much The Black Keys hated the idea. LOL. For real.

Auerbach was quoted in Express Night Out about the video: “It’s weird because we hate it so much and think it’s really stupid and not funny at all and not smart or clever in any way, but it’s got, like, 6 gazillion hits. I wrote the scroll. I said, ‘”The only way I would allow this stupid fucking video on the Internet is if you put this on the bottom’ — and they did it.” Doesn’t matter though, in my opinion; it still is not good for the band’s image.

Part of the text for the scrolling message on the video reads: “This is an attempt by their record label to attract attention to the band using a ridiculous dinosaur puppet.”

“Real Love” Beach House


  1. Check out new music video from artist featured in last month’s new artists on IRC – story of a stripper addicted to crystal meth:

  2. There’s a good mix of songs and styles here! I just got turned onto a new young band called Beyond the Sun. They put out their first official video last week:

  3. Here’s something to check out:
    Lakes of Canada from Montreal…

  4. What about Radiohead videos ?

  5. “Work With What You Got” is a sick music video from Socalled’s album sleepover. It’s got an interesting mix of rap and calypso. Definitely work a look.

  6. Awesome videos, Lonely Boy by the Black Keys is another classic video.

  7. My worst video clip…but good sounds !

  8. This has been in my headphones…. I like it.

  9. Saw these guys at the shephards bush empire support Europe on their last tour, they were awesome!

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