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We encourage indie artists and bands to submit their music to IRC. Since 2008, we have supported the DIY and indie rock communities, featured thousands of artists and bands, and received more than 12 million visitors from around the world to date.

Countless numbers of artists and bands have gained thousands – even tens of thousands – of song plays and downloads; new fans and followers; subsequent press coverage; gigs and festival slots; licensing offers and record deals indirectly or directly from being featured on IRC.

To this day, IRC is considered in the indie communities as a unique blog that doesn’t follow the lead or copy everything else everyone is posting, and where talented, new and unsigned artists and bands can get great exposure to over tens of thousands of music lovers a week on our blog, social media and other channels.

Express Review Option

We receive hundreds of submissions each month, and we do our best to keep up – but it’s a Herculean task and by the time we get to many submissions (there’s a one to two month backlog for regular submissions), their single and album releases are months old.

Because of this, many musicians have asked over the years for a faster way to submit and get reviewed because many are trying to get critical press exposure for a new or upcoming release.

To answer that call, we came up with the Express Review Option, which means your submission will automatically go to the front of the line of the backlog. You will not need to fill out the submission form because we will gather your information and contact you directly.

ERO submitters will also have two extra links of their choice posted which will also appear in our RSS feeds, playlists and to thousands of email subscribers as well as IRC’s worldwide social networks.

To submit a regular submission, scroll down the page to fill out our submission form. We are sorry, but it takes a little time to fill out, but nothing in this

Professional Music and Media Services For Artists

IRC Media also provides professional publicity, social media promotion, artist development and label and licensing representation services for talented artists and bands.

Is that you? If so, you need people that know the ropes, who’ve got the connections and resources, and have the experience and genuine passion to help you or your band make progress in the music world via artist development, blog, press and radio coverage, new and loyal fans/followers, gigs, sales, and other opportunities as they arise.

Let us know by filling out this form* which services you are interested in and we will contact you directly with a customized plan based on our review of your work and online presence.

* This form is NOT a submission form; it is a request for services. Click here for the regular submission form. OR you can submit with the Express Option for a $39 processing fee and donation to IRC. With the Express Option you shoot to the top of our submissions backlog and you do not need to fill out the submission form – we will do it for you, as well as promote your song link to over 80,000 of our followers worldwide.

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