Top 10 Songs 2013


Top DIY of July – Some of the artists in the Top DIY Songs for July also made it on to the regular Top 10 Songs playlists for the month as well, including Chicago rising start Sonia Khaleel, with the song “Wick,” which also earned her the No. 1 DIY song of the month.

The No. 2 DIY song of the month went to the Denver electro-pop outfit FLASH/LIGHTS, who’ve previously opened for big-time bands like Passion Pit, New Order and Toro Y Moi. F/L, who were forced by a cease & desist order to change from ‘Flashlights,’ to the new spelling, dropped their new EP, All My Love on July 1st, featuring the following title track single.

First up is “The Illusionist,” from the band Colours; a sullen song from Iowa lo-fi indie pop artist Alex Riggen; The North Carolina synth pop DIY band, Dash, created a big buzz on IRC with a profile we did as part of a DIY Bands to Watch installment, scoring No. 4 for the month with their song, “Into The Sounds.” Next, IRC Artist of the Week, Taiwo Heard, took the No. 5 spot with his terrific single, “Frontier to Eternity.”

Timberhawk is a four piece indie-Americana rock group from Pensacola, Florida, featuring brothers Aubrey (vocalist; bass) and Matt Nichols (drums), as well as Jordan Richards (rhythm guitar/vocals), Nathan Dillaha (lead guitar). With edgy, taunting guitar riffs, a heavy, droning bass and danceable beats featured on southern rock singles like “Down By The River” and “Metairie,” Timberhawk are set to grow in popularity, so keep an ear out for them.

“Wick”Sonia Khaleel from SHARK from DIY Artist of the Week, July 1st

“All My Love”FLASH/LIGHTS from All My Love EP

“Burning Feet”Fairchild from Fairchild

“Into the Sounds”Dash from Into the Sounds

“Eternal Night”Taiwo Heard from Frontier To Eternit

“Down The River”Timberhawk from Tears, Sweat and The Sea




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(Check against Top 10)







==== 2013 No. 1 Songs on IRC ==============

The Top 10 Songs playlists on IRC are based on the number of streams and downloads songs we publish during a certain time period – sometimes in a week, other times over a two-week period, and even fewer, by the month. Anyone who has followed the Top Ten Songs series on IRC over an extended period of time has likely come to find out that IRC listeners have terrific tastes in music. Although we were unable to update the Top 10 Songs for a few months in the later part of 2013, we’re now all caught up.

In addition to providing the No. 1 Songs in the two volumes that will be publish – the first volume of which is below (covering January through the end of June) – we’re going to use the statistics from these two volumes to whittle the list down to the Top 30 No. 1 Songs of 2013 based on which of the No. 1 songs in this year-end series were streamed and listened to the most. Then, in order to compile a final playlist of the best songs of the year, there will be a poll that will ultimately determine the Top 20 Songs of 2013 Listeners’ Poll. This will include both signed and unsigned, popular and obscure, artists and bands. In addition, there will also be a separate series of top songs, bands, albums, debuts of 2013 published throughout January and February.

As far as we know, IRC is the only major, well-known indie and alt. rock music resource that has such an extensive listener-generated series of top songs, bands, albums posts and playlists. In order not to skew the results, we are representing the No. 1 songs chronologically as they were published to site, from January through the end of December (although album drops slow down dramatically in the last six to eight weeks of any given year, for a variety of reasons). Therefore, this first of a two-part series playlist represents the No. 1 Songs from January through June, beginning with the first week of releases, which is often not until mid-January (with the exception of unsigned artists) because labels know that so many people are still on vacations or recouping from the holidays, and so on, until about the middle of January.

The first No. 1 Song on IRC in 2013 was “Across The Sky” from the band The Capsules’ album Northern Lights and Southern Skies, which to our surprise, beat out Yo La Tengo‘s latest single, “Ohm” from the indie rock veterans’ 13th studio album, Fade. Next, the relatively unknown – but increasing in popularity thanks to their January 2013 album, Langsom – band, Gliss, beat out Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin’s fantastic rocker, “I Wear Black,” for the No. 1 spot for the week of January 22nd to January 28th.

“Across The Sky” – The Capsules from Northern Lights and Southern Skies on Vespera Records

“Weight of Love”Gliss from Langsom on Modern Outsider Records


=== BEST INDIE and ALT ROCK SONGS OF 2013 ========

In order to avoid the appearance of rating the songs below sequentially – that is, from the very best on top to the least best – we’ve ordered these songs in the sequence of their release and original publication date on IRC. Therefore, the first song is Yo La Tengo, from a post published on Jan. 13th, featuring the first albums of the new year.

“Ohm” – Yo La Tengo from Fade on Matador

“Girls Want Rock” – Free Energy from Love Sign on Free Energy Music

Anytime we see anything with Ty Segall‘s name on it, we get excited, and his latest track with Mikal Cronin, “I Wear Black,” is a raucous rocker with crazy Jimi Hendrix-like guitar affects; but the duo go even further, using various modern pedal effects and such to belt out a chunk of guitar and drum noise that is probably the most cut-throat track from a new album so far this year.

“I Wear Black”Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin from Reverse Shark Attack on In The Red

“So Far So Long”Nightlands from Oak Island on Secretly Canadian

“Wild Night”DRGN King from Paragraph Nights on Bar None – ?

“Weight of Love”Gliss from Langsom on Modern Outsider Records

After more than three years, the popular indie band Local Natives finally dropped the follow-up to their 2009 widely-acclaimed debut record. The new album’s lead track, “Breakers,” is everything fans would expect from the band – washed in layers of lo-fi guitar rhythms, oh-ah choruses, synths and percussions. Another indie artist that has made waves on our pages in the past year or so is Golden Bloom, whose new album No Day Like Today, is definitely worth a spin, and one of the standout tracks, “Flying Mountain,” is one of the best singles of the week.

“Breakers”Local Natives from Hummingbird on Frenchkiss

Check out the official Local Natives’ video for “Breakers”

“Flying Mountain”Golden Bloom from No Day Like Today

The XXXXXX band Paloma released a new album, XXXXXX, in XXXXX of 2013 , featuring the single “The Essence,” which makes our best songs of 2013 for its upbeat, danceable grooves, dreamy melodies and overall excellent production value.

“The Essence” – Paloma

Humfree Bug Art , harmless wordplay flirting with the aspirations of grand pop music with a filmic sound, an idea of a project hatched in january 2012. Initially, drummer Andreas Sandberg and singer Arvid Jonsson joined in mind with guitarist Fredrik Forell and together they started recording what later needed another three members of the band to do justice. (via Soundcloud)

“With Nights And Lights” – Humfree Bug Art




“This Ladder Is Ours”The Joy Formidable from Wolf’s Law on Atlantic

“Cheap Beer” FIDLAR from FIDLAR on Mom & Pop Records

“Shuggie”Foxygen from We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic on Jagjaguwar

“Closer”Tegan and Sara from Heartthrob

==== BEST DIY SONGS =======

“You and Me”Scarlet Youth from The Everchanging View – Jan. 11th, 2013 (Also see Best DIY and Under The Radar Bands of 2013)

“Lady Luck” (feat. Sharon Van Etten) – Pickwick from Covers EP

“Blossom”The Hot Dark from January 2013 EP

“Tell Me”Soft Metals from Lenses – July 16th

“Divided By” – Mosaic (No. 2 in Top 10 for first half of August)

In January, we published Volume Two of the Best Songs of 2012, that included superb tracks from The Lumineers, Jack White, Beach House, Japandroids, Here We Go Magic, Zulu Winter and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, to name just a few. The best songs playlist also provides a link to the not-to-be-missed first installment of the Best Songs of 2012.


===== TOP RUNNER UP SONGS OF 2013?? ==========


==== BEST SINGER/SONGWRITER SONGS OF 2013 (both known and DIY) ========

One of favorite new DIY singer/songwriters of 2013 was Early Alan Younger, who was recommended to us by an IRC listener. Younger’s music really hit a sweet spot with us as his soft, emotive vocals, superb instrument playing – since he mixed all his instrument tracks like guitar, bass and drums – and his overall warm sounds struck a chord with us and many of you.


“Good Friend”Early Alan Younger from The Hotcake Waltz EP

Add Pat Hull –

Add Matt Churchill –

=== BEST TOP NEW BANDS OF 2013 ===========

note: our list is largely based on DIY, small label and under-the-radar bands and not necessarily the bands that you’ll find on other ‘best 2013 band’ lists; in fact, as those who have followed for us for some time (thank you!) know, one of the ways we set ourselves from other music sites and blogs is by featuring talented and promising artists and bands, often new and DIY, that have either never been featured on the web by a major indie site or have received minimal to moderate coverage on music blogs that run the gamut from obscure to popular. Based on the response to the majority of new, DIY, small label and under the radar artists and bands we feature on IRC, clearly there is an endless stream of incredibly talented bands with great songs. One can only assume that it is a calamity of oversight, poor publicity, band dynamics, or just fate that separates many of the bands we feature each month on IRC from many of the fairly popular to immensely popular artists and bands that fill the white space of music sites, blogs, Facebook and so on at any given time. This list we feel represents a fantastic collection of under rated artists and bands that put out terrific music in 2013 that most music lovers never heard of before, unless you happened to have read their profile and listened to their songs when we originally featured them in 2013. This playlist we have personally played already a half dozen times and it will be a permanent playlist that anyone can play at any time as most of these bands who supplied mp3 Dropbox links would not want to delete the songs from their Dropbox knowing they’re featured on the web and can continue to bring them new fans and followers for literally yeras to come because even our older playlists, including those going back two, three, four years, are still accessed by music lovers around the world who find them via certain keyword searches and by navigating and browsing around the IRC website, which contains over 20,000 MP3s, over 2,000 band profiles, album reviews, playlists and more. If you’re an indie rock, DIY, underground, atlernative or whatever term(s) you wish to apply enthusiast, you can literally spend weeks on IRC downloading a free history of songs of the past five years of the indie and alternative rock world. This is meant to be a library of music and profiles as much as it is a best new bands and music site and blog.

Rose Windows?



==== BEST NEW DIY BANDS OF 2013 ==========

In 2013, IRC was able to publish profiles and great songs from hundreds of new DIY bands. The word ‘new’ is used a little loosely as there are cases where the band is not necessarily new, but they were new to us, and to probably 98% of our readers and listeners. Well, altogether, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, enjoyed fantastic, cutting-edge, heartfelt, blazing, addictive and truly amazing songs from immensely talented, largely under-the-radar and obscure DIY bands from across the United States and Canada (and others from the southern half of the western hemisphere) and from around the world, most especially the U.K., Australia, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

Using statistics, the Top Ten list (which is now completed), and the number of streams and downloads of their songs, we’ve assembled 40 of the top DIY bands featured on IRC in 2013, which will be broken up into four volumes that will appear throughout January and early February. We will also include a poll with each installment of 10 DIY bands that will help determine the Top 40 bands in order, from #1 to #40 based on your votes. Where the vote totals for some bands are tied, we’ll decide based on number of previous streams and downloads of the bands’ songs.

We felt the best way to present this Best DIY Bands of 2013 is to break down the year into quarters and start chronically. In that case, January was a great month for DIY bands on IRC because music lovers from around the world were treated to amazingly talented DIY bands that jumped out at us and who often had largely slipped under the radar in the indie blogosphere, if you will, until – many times – they were featured on IRC. In the first DIY bands feature of 2013, IRC profiled promising bands like Jumpiter, Hemmingbirds, Cloud Latern, among others, and the response from listeners was positive.

In one particular feature, 5 DIY Bands, there were five bands that got a pretty big response, most especially Jumpiter, The Jesus Rehab (or Cloud Latern), and most especially, the indie folk duo, Appalachians.

Jumpiter is the musical project of Brooklyn solo artist Sean Schuyler, who writes and records in his ‘cramped’ apartment with the goal of channeling his “inner Jimmy Page to make some fun headphone listening.” While any Jimmy Page comparison is way off from the reality, the two songs featured below are pretty good for a solo artist few have heard of. In November, Jumpiter self-released a self-titled fifth release, featuring a collection of hard-rock and power-pop songs touching on darkness and humor in songs like “Asbestos Of The Gods” and “Bugspray.”

Appalachians is a Sacramento DIY duo formed in 2010 by musicians Marshall Van Leuven and Trevor Dahl. The duo first met in a jazz band in the 6th grade, and have been making music together ever since. In addition to songwriting and singing, Van Leuven and Dahl play guitars, banjos, mandolins, washboards, among other instruments. In July of 2012, the duo dropped their debut album, The Rolling C’s, featuring terrific songs like “Playing Pretend” and “Outro.” We’re looking forward to what the duo release this year; apparently, there is a new album in the works.

“Playing Pretend”Appalachians from The Rolling C’s – SENT EMAIL FOR NEW SONG LINKS – MAKE SEP> POST FOR DUOS?

“Outro”Appalachians from The Rolling C’s

Mosiac – SF Duo

Driftwood Miracle

Sensual Harassment


In February, as part of the Top New DIY Releases post, we featured a number of incredibly talented, under-the-radar bands, like Kansas City’s C-86/post punk band Is Paris Burning, who knocked us out with their angling and glimmering guitar hooks, catchy, popping rhythms, perfect percussions and inviting lead vocals and choruses on songs like “Wind” and “This City.” Following Is Paris Burning was the spectacular sounds of Charleston indie rock band HeyRocco, who’ve been compared to bands like The Cure, Nada Surf, Editors and early Strokes. That said, we think this band is so good that they stand on their own and once you hear them, in case you missed the first time they were featured, here’s a second chance to learn about a band that was easily one of the best DIY bands of 2013 that we heard all year.

This particular feature of DIY Bands, that we strongly encourage indie rock lovers to stream, also features bands like Sweden’s The Hyper Actives, who, if you didn’t know it, sound like a rip-roaring, balls-to-the-wall speed rock band from the U.S.; MAZLOOM Empire – WAITING FOR LINKS; the exciting Brooklyn punk duo No TV Tonight and the gentle, breezy folk soul of California singer/songwriter Pat Hull, plus other artists like

This feature highlights some of the best DIY bands of 2013.

“Wild”Is Paris Burning from Wild

“Elsewhere”Heyrocco from Elsewhere single

“The Promised Land”The Hyper Actives from Rock ‘n’ Roll Lives Again

“Full Parade”Pat Hull from Shed Skin

Listen to more from this Best DIY New Releases feature playlist.


==== BEST OVERSEAS (and DIY) BANDS OF 2013 ========

Scarlet Youth –

“What It’s Worth”Scarlet Youth from The Everchanging View


==== BREAKOUT INDIE BANDS OF 2013 =========

Charleston, South Carolina indie band, Brave Baby, crossed our radar for the first time last week after they sent in a couple of tracks from their debut LP, Forty Bells, dropped this week via the small indie label, Hearts & Plugs. We’d say, after listening to Forty Bells, that Brave Baby is a band to watch in 2013.

On the standout track, “Magic & Fire,” the band grooves on a feel good rhythm, soaring lead guitar jams by Christian Chidester, chorus-led vocals, rounded out by Wolfgang Zimmerman’s steady drum beats and crashing cymbals, and an understated bass line. Read more about Brave Baby.


“Native Dreams”Rose Windows from The Sun Dogs on Sub Pop – not overseas?

original post;



===== BEST NEW-TO-US BANDS OF 2013 ============

(In order to distinguish break out bands of 2013 from other bands that only really popped onto our radar in 2013, we give them the label of new-to-us. There always will be such bands because it’s simply impossible to know every one of thousands of bands specifically, even if they’ve been around for years . For example, Royal Forest’s Spillways is the band’s fourth album, but it’s the first time we ever really ‘caught on,’ if you will, to the band’s relevance within the larger (and ever-expanding and obviously still not completely discovered) indie music scene, for lack of a better descriptor. Spillways was our introduction to Royal Forest, and so for us, and likely for many others as well, they are new to us, and by logical extension, new-to-us. Sensual Harrassment’s Escape From Alpha Draconis is the band’s sophomore album.

“Swoon”Whirr from Around on Graveface Records – not debut

“Ambulance”Royal Forest from Spillways – not debut

“Capri Suntan”Sensual Harassment from Escape From Alpha Draconis – not debut



The Best and Most Underrated DIY Debut of 2013 Almost No One Has Heard (Compared to the Brilliance of the LP)

Norwegian Arms – This Philadelphia band, fronted by Brendan Mulvihill, has made it on to a number of our lists thanks to the astonishing debut LP Wolf Like A Stray Dog, which Mulvihill recorded with fellow Philadelphian and Dr. Dog guitarist Eric Slick at XXXX studios in the later part of 2012, and released DIY-style on January 15th, for the most part, under the radar. The fact that an album this brilliant went largely unnoticed just proves why we have to keep doing what we do, and make sure that as many people as we can possibly reach will hear the terrific music being made that they’re not going to hear (or unlikely to hear) anywhere else. Proof in point: there were only about XX ‘indie’ blogs, from a check on Google (US) that even mention anything about Mulvihil, Norwegian Arms and Wolf Like A Stray Dog. ,

Wolf Like A Stray Dog is one of the most overlooked and under appreciated debut albums of 2013, and easily one of the best DIY debuts of 2013. From the first track to the last, this is a mini-masterpiece and listening to the mostly joyous and upbeat album would tend to make one believe the album was written in a beach house on a Caribbean island (“She Lives in a Secret Town”), certainly not for a moment in the heart of Russia’s wild, and notorious, frozen tundra region, Siberia (which itself is almost as large as the continental U.S.). Mulvihill, who we think refers to himself as “CAPTIN?”””

While shacked up indoors for much of the year to avoid potentially life-threatening exposure to the icy lurches?? of the unforgiving environs swirling at the edges of his dwelling, and completely dominating the landscape for hundreds, even thousands of miles, in almost every direction, Mulvihill wrote. But his spirit was half way across the earth in the Caribbean much of the time. Once you listen to the album a few times, there simply is no doubt about that; tropical beats and warm rhythms, sunny chords and joyous singing and choruses dominate this wonderful album, which, along with the fantastic lyrics, make it hard not to play again and again. The band (duo?) wrote that the album “deals with themes of homesickness, discovery, frustration, and wanderlust” and “the quest for identity, a resistance to permanence, adapting to new environments, questioning one’s knowledge and perspective.”

It’s just too bad so many music lovers, especially fans of bands like Vampire Weekend, simply do not know about this album and the truly amazing songwriting, composing, instrumentation and vocal talents of Mulvihill and his Norwegian Arms’ collaborators, like Slick

Over the course of a one-year musical residency in the town of XXXXXX, Mulvihill wrote an amazing to write an album that should have otherwise been a sensation across the indie blogsophere and even the mainstream music press. RIYL Animal Collective and Bon Iver.

There are also songs like the Sufjan Stevens’ sounding (in song title only) and very Vampire Weekendish terrific track, “EZ a LVR Goes West (Be Fruitful, Wear Less Clothing).” It was a particular challenge to pick just a few of the 11 tracks to represent because all of them are great, and how many times can you say that about an album. Plus, how many albums from an obscure artist do you find yourself playing again and again from the first track to the last? Don’t be surprised if that happens with Wolf Like a Stray Dog.

“And Then I Found Myself in the Taiga” – Norwegian Arms from Wolf Like a Stray Dog

“At the Formerly British Council Supported English Centre”


===== MORE DIY BANDS TO WATCH IN 2014 ==========

Hemmingbirds –

Mosaic – San Francisco ambient folk duo



One of the things we love most about non-mainstream music (and rarely mainstream) over the years has been the increase of the whole moonlighting thing among all kinds of our favorite musicians. Whether their endeavors are labeled musical projects, alias bands, moniker inventions, solo outings, or even super-groups, there has been so much exciting, and damn good, music as a result of musicians who broaden their horizons and do something outside their main identity as a member of a particular band. Thankfully, 2013 has some terrific side projects from respected musicians like Ty Segall, NAME OTHERS DUDE FROM FLEET FOXES

In the case of Shaun Hencher, the former frontman behind the popular cult band, Lovvers, his new music endeavor was not a side project, but his new project as the frontman of the band h Virals, who released a great album featuring two singles included below.

“Strange Fruit”Virals from Strange Fruit EP on Zoo Music

Bonus track:

“Summer Girls”Virals from Strange Fruit EP on Zoo Music

Written in Siberia over the course of an intense, cold year, knee deep in snow and cultural shock, musician Brendan Mulvihill returned to Philadelphiaa few months ago to begin recording the songs that he wrote while isolated in the frozen tundra overseas. Mulvhill reunited with his Norwegian Arms partner, Eric Slick from Dr. Dog, one of Philly’s most popular local indie rock bands, to craft the first Norwegian Arms LP released earlier this week.

“Like a Stray Dog”Norwegian Arms from Wolf Like a Stray Dog

Add Michael Franti and Spearhead

Add T. Hardy Morris, frontman of Dead Confederate and Diamond Rugs for release of his solo debut


===== BEST INDIE SOLO ALBUMS OF 2013 ============

T. Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate, Diamond Rugs)

Alan Early Younger


===== BEST MELLOW SONGS OF 2013 ===========

jEven though we live for rock and hard rock of all kinds, we’re also suckers for beautiful, mellow tunes, especially when we’re in the mood for mellow, which is not infrequent.

“Josh McBride”The Head And The Heart from Josh McBride/Honey Come Home 78 rpm single on Electric Records


=== DIY DUOS WITH GREAT ALBUMS IN 2013 ============

Marching Band is Swedish duo that have been playing music together for nearly a decade. This week the band released their self-produced EP, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That. Previously, the duo have released two critically acclaimed albums, one with Adam Lasus, and one with Jari Haapalainen. They’ve opened for bands like Loney Dear, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, and comedian Adam Green. The duo has previously been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, Pitchfork, and the AllMusic Guide.

“And I’ve Never Seen Anything”Marching Band from And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP – Jan. 15th

“Artistic Man, Shaved Head”Marching Band from And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP

Add Appalachians

Add Mosiac

Add No TV TOnight


“The Restless and The Wicked”Colin Davis from The Restless and The Wicked EP (see more about him here and see Davis featured in our Best DIY Singer/Songwriter Debuts of 2013 for more or the original BNR post from January 10, 2013 )


===== BEST DEBUT INDIE ROCK ALBUMS OF 2013 ===========

San Francisco Bay Area band Twin Peaks made their debut in 2013 with the terrific album Sunken.

“Irene”Twin Peaks from Sunken on Autumn Tone Records




From Gothenburg, Sweden, the DIY indie pop/rock duo Ceremonies recently released their dark, brooding, debut singles, “Black Wings” and “Promises” from their self-titled, debut album.

“Black Wings”Ceremonies from Ceremonies – Jan. 3rd

A new London band of young musicians, fittingly called Youthband, got our attention with their debut single, and cleverly titled, “The Future Is Not What It Used To Be,” which was popular with IRC listeners.

“The Future Is Not What It Used to Be”Youthband

from Top DIY Releases of January 2013 (2A)


====== BEST DIY DEBUT ALBUMS OF 2013 ========= – Use writing/description and quotes on this page, plus the following songs. Recorded with Dr. Dog’s Steve Slick?

“And Then I Found Myself in the Taiga” – Norwegian Arms from Wolf Like a Stray Dog

“Burning Feet”Fairchild from Fairchild – July 24th

“Tell Me”Soft Metals from Lenses – July 16th (include from this post????

Add Mosaic – Tyler Hill and Devon Kelts from San Francisco – self-titled debut EP on August 5th


Austin Multi-Genre Trio Comprised of Three Multi-Instrumentalists

In 2009, friends Kyle Albrecht and Camille Lewis met and began writing and recording after discovering their shared love of folk, rock, blues, vintage pop music and other genres. No long after, Lewis met Andrew Davis at work and the three multi-instrumentalists formed Dead Recipe and started rehearsing in Davis’s garage. Last year, the band began to play more gigs in Austin (get in line as they say down there), and during the summer enter the studio with producer and engineer Shawn Jones to record their self-titled debut album, released last week.

“Getting To My Head”Dead Recipe from Dead Recipe – Jan. 5th

“Flowers”Dead Recipe from Dead Recipe

Additionally, Haden Hunt (drums) and Kirby Sims (keyborswere recruited to play drums and keys, respectively. Dead Recipe’s top musical influences include The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Animal Collective, The Velvet Underground, and The 13th Floor Elevators

Read more about the band from the original Top DIY Releases post published last January, and listen to ANOTHER SONG?, plus read about, and listen to, other great artists that you have probably never heard of before but might be glad you did. The post also includes songs from other talented, but obscure, artists like Neo Star Nova Z, We’re Not Heroes, Service Animal, and Ugly Thrash Demon.

Add Rounds


==== Best DIY Singer/Songwriter Debuts of 2013 =======

*mostly in order by month they were featured on IRC

Colin Davis is a 20-year-old DIY singer/songwriter from Ithaca in upstate New York. Performing in local bars and coffee shops for the past couple years, Davis dropped his debut EP, The Restless and The Wicked on the first day of 2013.

“Unsustained”Colin Davis from The Restless and The Wicked EP – Jan. 1st

Learn more about Colin Davis and hear another fabulous song from his debut EP


========== MORE IRC DIY BANDS OF 2013 ========

San Francisco DIY post new wave, sax-rock band The Hot Dark who dropped their new EP, oddly titled January 2013 EP, earlier this week. The band actually started out as a duo in 2007 when musicians Kiel Williams and Rick Moore joined forces in a trashy Boston apartment

“Blossom”The Hot Dark from January 2013 EP


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