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  • Who doesn't love a great cover version of an awesome song by a band they like, of a band they like? That's a recipe for an awesome cover song, most of the time. It's been a while since we put together a playlist of hot covers. This playlist comprises some of the best covers we've heard in some time, and hopefully you'll agree. Afterall, did you ever think that the Arctic Monkeys would be singing a cover version of a track in a James Bond movie? Or Vampire Weekend doing Fleetwood Mac?

    Plus, ex-Concrete's vocalist Victoria Bergsman and her new band Taken By Trees have a brand new LP out featuring a slightly altered cover version of Animal Collective's "My Girls," titled "My Boys." Born Ruffians deliver one of the best cover songs ever of Bruce Springsteen - it's addictive, huh? Canadian super indie band Broken Social Scene cover "Puff The Magic Dragon" that includes dialouge at the end of the song as well.

    Don't miss the covers of Bat For Lashes doing Big Star, Asobi Seksu belting out Leonard Cohen, Radiohead covering Neil Young, Venice is Sinking's cover of an Okay song, plus other hand-picked covers from Drive By Truckers (Jim Carrol, RIP), The Feelies (Rolling Stones), Black Keys (The Kinks), Paramore (Kings of Leon) and Local H (Led Zeppelin).

    "Diamonds Are Forever" (007 Cover) - Arctic Monkeys

    "My Boys" (Animal Collective) - Taken By Trees

    "Everywhere" (Fleetwood Mac) - Vampire Weekend

    "Love Me Tender" (Elvis Presley) - Norah Jones

    "Foxes Mate For Life" (Bruce Springsteen) - Born Ruffians

    "Tell Me Why" (Neil Young) - Radiohead (live)

    "Take It Or Leave It" (The Strokes) - Arctic Monkeys

    "Act Nice and Gentle" (The Kinks) - The Black Keys

    "Puff The Magic Dragon" (Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow) - Broken Social Scene

    "Two Weeks" (Grizzly Bear) - Ruby Weapon

    "Suzanne" (Leonard Cohen) - Asobi Seksu

    "Kangaroo" (Big Star) - Bat For Lashes

    "Compass" (Okay) - Venice Is Sinking

    "People Who Died" (Jim Carroll) - The Drive-By Truckers

    "Paint It Black" (Rolling Stones) - The Feelies

    "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon) - Paramore

    "I'm in Love with a Girl" (Big Star) - Patterson Hood

    "Going To California" (Led Zeppelin) - Local H

    View and download past installments of Indie Cover Songs

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       September 30, 2009    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    So many great new songs; such little time. This playlist features some of the best 2009 songs from current, recent and upcoming albums from The Cave Singers (double-shot), The Duke Spirit, Starlight Mints, The Fiery Furnaces, Miike Snow, Altas Sound, Broken Records, Portugal The Man, Diamond Rings and many more. Enjoy.

    "At The Cut" - The Cave Singers from Welcome Joy (2009)
    "Beach House" - The Cave Singers from Welcome Joy (2009)

    "Baby Doll" - The Duke Spirit from Cut Across The Land (2009)

    "Paralyzed" - Starlight Mints from Change Remains (2009)

    "The End Is Near" - The Fiery Furnaces from I'm Going Away (2009)

    "Silvia" - Miike Snow from s/t debut (2009)

    "Walkabout" - Atlas Sound (with Noah Lennox) from Logos (2009)

    "Cigarette Burns" - Flunk from This Is What You Get (2009)

    "Ghost on the Canvas" - Paul Westenberg from PW & the Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys EP (2009)

    "If Eilert Loevborg Wrote A Song, It Would Sound Like This" - Broken Records from Until The Year Begins to Part (2009)

    "People Say" - Portugal. The Man from The Satanic Satanist (2009)

    "All Yr Songs" - Diamond Rings from 7' single (2009)

    "Berlin, Without Return" - Voxtrot from single release (2009)

    "Big Wave Rider" - Rainbow Bridge, single (2009)

    "It's Gonna Happen Fast" - Choo Choo La Rouge from Black Clouds (2009)

    "Alfred" - Gordie Tentrees from Mercy Or Sin (2009)

    "Russia" - Ramona Falls from Intuit (2009)

    "Tammie" - The Dø from single (2009)

    "L. Mansion" - Sic Alps from s/t 7' single (2009)

    "Anchor Lane Parade" - Opsvik & Jennings from A Dream I Used To Remember (2009)

    "All the King's Men" - Wild Beast from Two Dancers (2009)

    "Two Sides" - Youth Group from The Night Is Ours (2009)

    "H.O.T.T." - Wheat from White Ink, Black Ink (2009)

    Coming Up: In Dee Mail October edition; More New Indie Songs; Best of Recent Indie Cover Songs; Best Indie Videos of 2009; Halloween Bonanza MP3 Playlist (in the meantime, check out great Halloween Indie Songs from last year).

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    New Indie Releases This Week: Why?, The Pains, The XX, Jack of Heart, Fool's Gold, The Mary Onettes & More


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       September 29, 2009    1 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Today's playlist of the best new indie rock includes a doubleshot from the super group The Almighty Defenders, consisting of members of the Black Lips and King Khan & BBQ; plus, new songs from Thao with The Get Down Stay Down; Columbus' Times New Viking; Pittsburgh's Girls present the awesome song, "Hellhole Ratrace"; Portland's Blitzen Trapper; Tennessee's talented David Mead; two popular Brooklyn bands, Obits and Kordan; experimental blues band Castanets; Bloomington, Indiana's Early Day Miners; Montreal's pop outfit Young Galaxy; Florida's indie pop band The Postmarks; New York's Samara Lubelski, and southern California rockers Devon Williams.

    "Cone of Light" - The Almighty Defenders from s/t debut (2009)
    Double-shot: "Bow Down and Die" - The Almighty Defenders from s/t debut (2009)

    "Know Better, Learn Faster" - Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down, single (2009)

    "Move To California" - Times New Viking from Born Again Revisited (2009)

    "Hellhole Ratrace" - Girls from Album (2009)

    "Black River Killer" - Blitzen Trapper from Black River Killer EP (2009)

    "Last Train Home" - David Mead from Almost & Always (2009)

    "Two-Headed Coin" - Obits from I Blame You (2009)

    Fantasy Nation - Kordan from Fantasy Nation (2009)

    So Slowly" - Early Day Miners from Treatment (2009)

    "Long Live The Fallen World" - Young Galaxy from Invisible Republic (2009)

    "Go Jetsetter" - The Postmarks from Memoirs at the End of the World (2009)

    "Evolution Flow" - Samara Lubelski from Future Slip (2009)

    "Worn From The Light" - Castanets from Texas Rose, The Thaw and The Beast (2009)

    "Sufferer" - Devon Williams from Sufferer (2009)

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    Ears To The Music, Vol. III: Air Waves, Kings of Convenience, Yo La Tengo, The Clientele, Twilight Sad & More

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    Indie Rock Summer Mix VI: Pains of Being Pure at Heart, South Ambulance, Dr. Dog, Electric Tickle Machine & More


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       September 27, 2009    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    spintobandnewKicking off this playlist of great new songs is one of the best under-rated indie bands of the past few years, The Spinto Band, from Wilmington, Delaware. Their second album, Moonwink, was one of the top LPs of 2008, featuring catchy, melodic music and potent lyrics. The band's new EP, Slim & Slender, will be released next month, just in time for the launch of their Park The Van tour with label-mates Pepi Ginsberg and Generationals.

    The Dodos
    return with one of the most addictive indie songs of this half of 2009 - "Fables" (see the new video), from their impressive album Time to Die. The band is currently on an extensive tour in the States until the end of next month, and then, after a two-week break, The Dodos set out on a two month European tour.

    Public Radio is an indie rock-pop band from Charlotte, NC who cite among their influences The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse and Wilco. Their new track, "Forget Love," off their latest LP Sweet Child, is one of the most memorable songs of 2009. Public Radio's MySpace page includes a mission statement to make songs "that are both energetic and inspiring for social and personal change." Band member Mark Mathis is also offering a free download of his solo EP.

    This playlist also includes sweet singles from new and upcoming releases by the awesome Elvis Perkins in Dearland; Philadelphia's psyche pop A Sunny Day in Glasgow; Athens, Georgia's electro-pop band Circulatory System; Cincinnati's hot indie rockers Why?; New York's garage pop band Darlings; Illinois' Lake Country indie pop band Headlights, and Philadelphia's folk pop artist Kurt Vile.

    "Jackhammer" - The Spinto Band from Slim & Slender EP (2009)

    "Fables" - The Dodos from Time To Die (2009)

    "Forgot Love" - Public Radio from Sweet Child (2009)

    "Slow Doomsday" - Elvis Perkins in Dearland from The Doomsday EP (2009)

    "Passionate Introverts" - A Sunny Day In Glasgow from Ashes Grammar (2009)

    "Round Again" - Circulatory System from from Signal Morning (2009)

    "Into The Shadows of Embrace" - Why? from Eskimo Snow (2009)

    "If This Is Love" - Darlings from Yeah I Know (2009)

    "Get Going" - Headlights from Wildlife (2009)

    "Overnite Religion" - Kurt Vile from Childish Prodigy (2009)

    In case you missed new singles from other long-waited 2009 releases, check out the entire Ears To The Music playlists series below:

    Ears To The Music, Vol. III: New Indie Songs from Air Waves, Kings of Convenience, Yo La Tengo, The Clientele, Twilight Sad & More

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    Ears To The Music, Vol I - New Songs from Choir Of Young Believers, The Very Most, Firs, The Love Language & More

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       September 25, 2009    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    sam means nate reuss the formatOne of the biggest disappointments in the rock world during the past year and a half was the official break-up of the awesome Arizona indie duo The Format. During the seven years they were together, The Format released two amazing albums, and a number of EPs, winning overwhelming praise from the music press, bloggers and fans.

    Sam Means, one half of the now defunct music duo, recently scored the soundtrack to the indie comedy film The Sinking of Santa Isabel. The album for the soundtrack includes six songs and some 20 instrumental pieces. Means apparently came to make the soundtrack after the original score was scrapped by the film makers. Even though the budget was apparently non-existent by the time the opportunity came around for Means, he told Spin that wasn't a problem: "It was a challenge I happily accepted. Who needs a budget when you have a laptop, a cheap microphone, and some extremely helpful friends?"

    The song from the soundtrack featured here - and made possible by Spin - is called "Yeah Yeah." Clocking in at just a few seconds under two minutes, the song starts out mellow and sweet and then picks up halfway with enhanced percussion rhythms, piano keys, a fiddle and a lush flow of choruses until it begins to fade out, with Means singing "yeah, yeah."

    "Yeah Yeah" - Sam Means from The Sinking of Santa Isabel (2009)

    The other half of The Format, Nate Ruess, is currently involved with his new band called Fun, which includes Andrew Dost, formerly of Anathallo, as well as former Jellyfish and Steel Train members. Fun released their debut, Aim & Ignite, last month.

    "Be Calm" - Fun from Aim & Ignite (2009)

    Ears to the memories:

    "Oceans" - The Format from Dog Problems (2006)

    "Time Bomb" - The Format from Dog Problems (2006)

    "Closer" - The Format, unreleased (2007)

    "The Compromise" official YouTube video.

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    Marcus Cotten is Channel In, Channel Out, a one man experimental band from Portland, Oregon. He writes and records lo-fi, ambient electronica compositions using piano, guitar, keys, sound clips, programming and even a typewriter (what's a typewriter?).

    Channel In, Channel Out's music is a tapestry of eclectic influences and styles that include electronica, classical, minimalism and indie/alternative, accented by a fascinating repository of sounds that exist in nature, in urban life and Cotten's imagination. You can hear water drips, wind, traffic and other strange and familiar sounds and notes that flow in and out of his compositions like a slow, meandering river colored by soft rhythms, harmonies and melodies.

    He even makes use of his own 'instrument' - a vintage radio transmitter receiver that reacts to a custom made remote control to pick up sounds traveling through the airwaves. To speed up, or slow down, the sounds transmitting from the receiver, and achieve whatever rhythm he has in mind, Cotten uses the remote control to move the antennas around "like a percussion instrument." Watch a video demonstration of the device.

    "I wanted to find more authentic sounds, and there really weren't the sounds I was looking for available," Cotten told Indie Rock Cafe. "So I thought maybe I would try to create something. I am fascinated by every day sounds, so a lot of times I hear things that aren't usually used for instruments, and think, 'well, maybe that could be.'" A friend suggested he call the 'instrument' a MarCot, using the first three letters of his first and last names.

    However he does it, Cotten possesses clear signs of a musical prodigy. His moniker, Channel In, Channel Out, is aptly fitting because the music has a 'channeling' aspect to it that is easier to hear than to describe. Cotten points out that his music does not fit a genre on purpose because he is interested in creating music "with no different sounds and visual experiments" driven by "the atmospheres of scenery and nature and by the wonders and puzzles of every day life."

    Electro dream pop combines with church-to-opera-like vocal harmonies and Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) type minimalistic experimentation on the song, "Invalid Entry and the Enchanting Word." Cotten integrates various sound effects with radio broadcasts, conversations, and the accompanying video (see above), furthers the theme of searching for a place in the world. Other stand-out tracks on the EP include the amazing "I'm Pondering A Number from 1 to 10" and "A Modulating Perception."

    Cotten's musical influences include Apex Twin, Alfred Schnittke, Syd Barrett, Jefferson Airplane, Radiohead, Mum, Brian Eno, Phillip Glass and 1960's Pink Floyd. The latter three musicians/bands influence on his music is apparent - experimental, lo-fi, minimalistic, artistic and enchanting.

    Cotten was recently featured on American Public Radio's Market Place, which played his song, "Combative Dialogue Thru Thin Walls." He has received his credentials as a film composer for his contributions to the indie action/horror film VS, by director Kevin Richmond. Cotten is signed with indie label Izumi/Imoto Records, and has a modest, but loyal following in Japan. Learn more, and check out the store, at Channel In, Channel Out's MySpace page and the official website.

    It would be great to hear what others think about Channel In, Channel Out's music; just use the Comments section below; no signing up or logging in required. The best description of his unique music will be picked at the end of this week, and the winner will receive a free digital copy of The Author and The Narrator EP. Please make sure to include your email address.

    "Invalid Entry and The Enchanting Word" - Channel In, Channel Out from The Author and The Narrator EP (2009)

    "I'm Pondering A Number Between 1 and 10" - Channel In, Channel Out from The Author and The Narrator EP (2009)


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       September 23, 2009    6 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    seawavesbandUnderground electronic pop hipster and mixer Dan Deacon recently called Nicole Schneit's Brooklyn indie band Air Waves his favorite new band. "The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you. Drummer Dave Ferraro complements her songs well," Deacon told Pitchfork, "'Shine On' is my current favorite song by them."

    Weaving unforgettable melodic songs with styles that range from pop to folk and rock to country, Air Waves possess a sound that cannot be pinned down - which is a good thing. The result is a unique signature that is identifiable by heady lyrics, catchy choruses and the fragile vocals of Schneit's mesmerizing voice. The song "Shine On" reminds me of Daniel Johnston more than any other single I've heard in a long time. The band's self-titled EP is out now on Catbird Records.

    Kings of Convenience experienced a huge swell of love from the press, blogs and fans worldwide following the 2001 release of their indie folk-pop classic debut, Quiet Is The New Loud, and the follow-up, and equally compelling, album, Riot On An Empty Street, released in 2004. But since that time Eirik Glambek Bøe and Erlend Øye went on hiatus, leaving many of their fans wondering when, or if, they were going to make another record.

    The wait is over; since the duo reunited in Mexico in 2007 to play a show, they have been working on their third studio LP, Declaration of Dependence, due to drop on October 20th. Øye called the upcoming release, "the most rhythmical pop record ever that features no percussion or drums." To sum up Declaration in three words or less - it is delicious.

    Other great songs from new and upcoming releases in this playlist include fresh tracks from popular indie bands Yo La Tengo, The Clientele, Twilight Sad, Chet, Music Go Music, The Swell Season, Casiokids and Grand Hallway. Enjoy and please support your favorite musicians and bands.

    "Shine On" - Air Waves from Air Waves EP (2009)
    Bonus: "Knock Out" - Air Waves

    "Mrs. Cold" - Kings of Convenience from Declaration of Dependence (2009)

    "Periodically Double or Triple" - Yo La Tengo from Popular Songs (2009)

    "Wonder Who We Are" - The Clientele from Bonfires on the Heath (2009)

    "Reflection of the Television" - Twilight Sad from Forget The Night Ahead (2009)

    "The Night, The Night" - Chet from Chester Silver, Please Come Home (2009)

    "Warm in the Shadows" - Music Go Music from Expressions (2009)

    "In These Arms" - The Swell Season from Strict Joy (2009)

    "Gront Lys I Alle Ledd" - Casiokids from Gront Lys I Alle Ledd/Togens Hule (2009)

    "Blessed Be, Honey Bee" - Grand Hallway from Promenade (2009)

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    - Vampire Weekend Reveal New Song and Album Cover from Upcoming Sophomore Album 'Contra'

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    Ears To The Music, Vol. II: New Songs from The Flaming Lips, White Lies, Good Night States, Sea Wolf, A.A. Bondy & More

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       September 22, 2009    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    whyeskimosnowToday's playlist kicks off with one of the best songs of 2009 from one of the best albums of 2009, "The Blackest Purse" from Why?'s long-awaited release, Eskimo Snow, which officially drops tomorrow, September 22. Also featured is a recent single from Why? recorded with the band Themselves.

    Following Why? is the title song from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart's new EP Higher Than The Stars. Next up is a London teen band - and latest buzz band from UK - known as The XX with their song "Basic Space," off their debut LP due out tomorrow, and their new cover version of a Womack Womack tune.

    chimes in with a cover version of Belle & Sebastian's classic indie pop song "Boy With the Arab Strap." Also check out an acoustic alternative take from Beck's Modern Guilt, and a Beck cover of a classic Velvet Underground song.

    Plus, check out fresh tracks from new releases by French garage rockers Jack of Heart and songs from Fool's Gold, Hunters Run!, The Mary Onettes, First Rate People, The Music Tapes, Hallelujah the Hills, The Get Up Kids, Rollercoaster Project, Panther, Forro in the Dark, Will Hoge, Beaujolais and more.

    "The Blackest Purse" - Why? from Eskimo Snow (2009)
    "Canada" - Why? and Themselves (2009)

    "Higher Than The Stars" - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart from Higher Than The Stars EP (2009)

    "Basic Space" - The XX from s/t debut (2009)
    "Teardrops" (Womack and Womack) - The XX, single (2009)

    "Boy With The Arab Strap" (Belle & Sebastian) - Guster from

    "Gamma Ray" (Acoustic) - Beck, acoustic versions from Modern Guilt (2009)
    "I'll Be Your Mirror" (Velvet Underground) - Beck (2009)

    "Jack of Heart Wicked Guy" - Jack of Heart from s/t debut (2009)

    "Surprise Hotel" - Fool's Gold from s/t debut (2009)

    "If I Had Half a Chance" - Hunters, Run! from EP2 (2009)

    "Puzzles" - The Mary Onettes from Puzzles (2009)

    "For the Planet Pluto" - The Music Tapes from Clouds and Tornadoes (2009)

    "Classic Tapes" - Hallelujah the Hills from Colonial Drones (2009)

    "Perro Loco" - Forro in the Dark from Light A Candle (2009)

    "The Rain Becomes the Clouds" - Emanuel and the Fear from s/t EP (2009)

    "Sufferer" - Devon Williams from Sufferer (2009)

    "Holiday" - The Get Up Kids from Something To Write Home About (2009)

    "What Happened" - Rollercoaster Project from Revenge (2009)
    "Hoods Up" - Rollercoaster Project from Revenge (2009)

    "Love Is Sold" - Panther from Entropy (2009)

    "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" - Will Hoge from The Wreckage (2009)

    "All My Exorcisms" - Beaujolais from Admiration (2009)

    "Locked in the Basement" - Fredrik from Trilogi (2009)

    "Goodbye Sweet Youth, Goodbye" - Greycoats from Setting Fire to the Great Unknown (2009)


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    For years following their official disbanding, rumors have circulated on the Internet about a possible reunion of the iconic indie rock band Pavement. But this time around, a decade after the band played their last concert, the rumors turned out to be true. As most of you probably already know, Pavement is reuniting to play a series of benefit concerts in New York next year.

    On Thursday, promoters announced Pavement would perform "a" reunion show at Rumsey Field in New York's Central Park on September 21, 2010. When tickets went on sale Friday morning at 10 a.m. EST, they sold out in just two minutes, according to TicketMaster. Apparently in response to the overwhelming demand for tickets on Friday, three more shows - slated for Sept. 22, 23, 24 in NYC - were added on Saturday. Two of the additional shows sold out in hours, and at press time, tickets were still available for the fourth, and final, show.

    This makes the Pavement reunion one of the most anticipated reunions in rock music, and, by next year, one of the biggest music events of 2010. In an acknowledgement of Pavement's huge worldwide fan base, the California born-Brooklyn relocated lo-fi rock band has stated that a 2010 worldwide tour was in the works, but no details on dates or cities were available.

    But, as has been the case in the past, there are conflicting messages about the extent of the reunion itself. Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg, in an interview with Rolling Stone on Thursday, seemed to leave the door open to the possibility of a reunion album or more. "After that [NYC concerts], anything that happens in the future is in the future," he said. However, an official statement from the band on cautions: "Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion."

    Kannberg also said that he and Pavement lead singer and guitarist Stephen Malkmus, discussed a reunion for the first time a couple of months ago. Kannberg also confirmed the band was exploring the possibility of headlining Coachella in 2010.

    Originally a studio project, childhood friends Kannberg and Malkmus began self distributing their raw, defiant lo-fi recordings in 1989. The tapes sparked a buzz among other musicians, critics and followers within the New York indie rock scene at the time. Eventually, Malkmus and Kannberg recruited drummer Gary Young (who was replaced in 1993 by Steve West), bassist Mark Ibold and percussionist Bob Nastanovich to solidify the band and go on tour to promote their widely acclaimed, and now classic, 1992 debut LP, Slanted and Enchanted.

    Pavement quickly became the iconic college rock band, thanks to the release of subsequent albums like Crooked Rain, Brighten The Corners and Wowee Zowee, coupled with numerous national and international concert tours. Among rock lovers worldwide, Pavement released some of the best and most memorable songs and albums of a generation, and played a huge role in shaping and re-shaping indie and alternative rock that continues to this day.

    As the 20th century came to a close, Pavement released Terror Twilight, their last studio album. While the album was widely praised, some fans and critics thought it was too "clean," and others suggested it sounded too much like a Malkmus solo record. That same year, 1999, the band showed signs that things were beginning to unravel. At the Coachella festival in April, Malkmus presumably refused to sing during what became mostly an instrumental set. Following the appearance, Malkmus called an impromptu band meeting and reportedly told his band mates: "I just don't want to do this anymore." Pavement played their final concert at the Brixton Academy in London on November 20, 1999 (samples below). During the show, Malkmus announced to a stunned, sold out crowd, "this is our last show…thanks for coming all these years."

    In the summer of 2000, Malkmus reportedly called Kannberg and demanded he change the group's website to state Pavement was no longer a band. Kannberg refused, telling Malkmus to first notify the other band members; Malkmus was outraged, arguing the band members already knew the band was not going to play again. West later said he found out the news via the Internet.

    Regardless of the drama that happened on stage, and apparently behind the scenes, Pavement is the quintessential American indie rock band, and are just as popular today as they were during their heyday. "It’s weird how over the last however many years, Pavement's become a much bigger thing," Kannberg told Rolling Stone. "This whole generation of kids discovered Pavement after we had disbanded, and made us into a huger thing than we ever envisioned. So now I guess we can tour and make those people happy."

    In the years since Pavement dissolved, band members went on to other projects, most notably Malkmus' formation with the band The Jicks and Kannberg's Preston School of Industry, which reunited him with original Pavement drummer Young. Ibold started his own label and went on to record with Sonic Youth, West recorded and toured with Marble Valley and Nastanovich pursued horse racing and served as The Jick's road manager in 2001. In recent years, Matador Records has re-issued many of the band's early albums, with bonus material from live shows and B-sides.

    "Cut Your Hair" - Pavement from Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994)

    "Rattled By The Rush" - Pavement from Wowee Zowee (1995)

    "Shady Lane" - Pavement from Brighten The Corners (1997)

    "Stereo" and "Date With Ikea" - Pavement from their last concert, Nov. 20, 1999, Brixton Academy, London (stream the entire concert )

    “Heckler Spray/In The Mouth Of A Desert” - Pavement from Live At The Palace, Hollywood, 1994 (2007)

    Tickets for the fourth Pavement-NYC show were still available as of 10 pm PST Saturday. The passcode is ZOWEE. According to, it is the final show - presumably for the NYC Central Park series. No news yet on bookings for the 2010 world tour.

    - Download or listen to a one-hour podcast of Pavement at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall mixed with a whole lotta studio tracks
    - Check out more about Pavement on Matador Records and Domino Records
    - View the band's official profile, discography and other information at
    - Learn more about Pavement on Wikipedia

    Other popular posts this week:

    Vampire Weekend Reveal New Song and Album Cover for 2010 Release

    Ears To The Music, Vol. II
    : New Songs from Flaming Lips, White Lies, Good Night States, A.A. Bondy, Sea Wolf and More

    Best Rarely Heard Songs of 2009, Vol. I: Sun Airways, The Ambiance Affair, The Bats, Brian Olive, Land of Talk and More

    The Concretes' Ex-Vocalist Victoria Bergman Releases Exotic New Album as Taken By Trees

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    Video for Good Old War's "Coney Island," listened to over half million times on MySpace.

    We pretty much drilled down into the best indie songs of 2008 for most of last year and the first couple of months of this year. But, even this far into 2009, the site stats show a lot of interest in 2008 indie music from regular visitors to IRC.

    Therefore, thus begins a three-part series of Last Call for Great Indie Songs of 2008. Many of the songs in this playlist mix series were discovered in 2009 thanks to recommendations from others.

    You can also check out and download tons of great 2008 indie songs after reviewing this playlist. There's a good chance you'll find some new music and bands that you may have never heard of before. Enjoy and support the independent music movement! Check out your favorite bands' official web sites, tell friends, buy their albums and go to shows.

    "Coney Island" - Good Old War
    Bonus: "Looking For Shelter" - Good Old War

    "The Baltic Sea" - The Social Services

    "Everybody Say" - Takka Takka

    "Water, Here" - Bodies of Water

    "No Excuses (The Autumn Cantata)" - Air France

    "My Lonesome Only Friend" - Rx Bandits

    "Oviedo" - Blind Pilot

    "Factories" - Winter Gloves

    "St. Cecilia" - The Swimmers

    "The Song Entire" - You Me & Iowa

    "Guns & Ammo" - Minus The Bear

    "Pastures" - We The They

    "St. Cecilia" - The Swimmers

    "Chain" - School of Seven Bells

    "Love in Our Hearts" - Electric Touch

    "Hard Feelings" - The Constantines

    "Farther Away" - Apple Bros

    "Ships In A Bottle" - Butch Walker

    "Exclamation Love" - Ariel Abshire

    "From Stardust to Sentience" - High Places

    "Rockist" - School of Language

    "Strand the Test of Time" - Wilderness

    "Summer of Hate" - Crocodiles

    The second installment of this series will focus exclusively on hot songs from 2008 sent (usually during 2009) to IRC directly by bands and artists. The playlist will basically be a fairly large special edition of the on-going In Dee Mail profile/playlist series.

    If you're looking for more of the best indie songs of 2008, check out the following pages:

    - Best Indie Rock Songs of 2008 - Free, legal MP3s of some of the best songs of 2008 from bands and artists like The Hush Now, Pete and the Pirates, Annuals, The Sound Arrows, The Very Most, Thao, Born Ruffians, Cut Off Your Hands, TV on the Radio, White Denim, Mates of State, British Air Power, Mates of State, The Ruby Suns, Ra Ra Riot and dozens and dozens more.

    - Best 2008 Indie Albums - Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen, MGMT, The Little Ones and Melpo Mene, plus a listing of the best indie and alternative rock albums of 2008.


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    sun airway albumThis year is turning out to be a blockbuster for indie and alternative rock music. There are many great songs and terrific albums that have been released so far this year. That sentiment is echoed by many others in the music press and on popular blogs.

    Many of the best songs from the most standout albums have been already featured extensively in previous playlists on IRC, accessible by browsing the site's archives. There is no shortage of impressive 2009 songs and albums from talented indie artists and bands that most people have never heard of, thus the title, Best Rarely Heard Songs of 2009. In the end, the music speaks for itself. This is the first installment of a series that will run over the next couple of weeks.

    Kicking off this playlist are two remarkable songs from the new free EP release by Sun Airway, titled "Oh Naoko."

    This playlist also features Irish indie rockers The Ambience Affair; Cincinnati's Brian Olive; the garage rock band Downtown/Union from LA; vet rockers Polvo; New Zealand quartet The Bats; Melbourne's C86 revivalists Summer Cats, plus fresh tracks from Montreal's Land of Talk, Minneapolis indie band Mouthful of Bees, Monotonix and the sombre Astrid Williamson.

    "Oh, Naoko" - Sun Airway from Oh, Naoko EP (2009)
    Bonus: "Swallowed by the Night"

    "Fragile Things" - The Ambience Affair from Fragile Things (2009)

    "There Is Love" - Brian Olive from s/t debut (2009)

    "Bright Idea" - Downtown/Union from Aurora Aurora (2009)

    "Beggar's Bowl" - Polvo from In Prism (2009)

    "Hey You, It's Me (Oh My)" - Summer Cats from Songs From Tuesday (2009)

    "Castle Light" - The Bats from The Guilty Office (2009)

    "May You Never" - Land of Talk from Fun and Laughter EP (2009)

    "Please and Thank You" - Mouthful of Bees from Mouthful of Bees (2009)

    "Set Me Free" - Monotonix from Where Were You When It Happened? (2009)

    "Eve" - Astrid Williamson from Here Come the Vikings (2009)

    Other Playlists You Might Enjoy:

    - In Dee Mail - Profiles and MP3s of some of the best relatively unknown artists and bands in 2009 who sent their music to IRC.

    - Summer Indie Rock Mix series - An six-part playlist mix series featuring songs from some of the best indie and alternative rock in 2009.

    - Songs About New York City - A two-part series featuring dozens and dozens of the best music about NYC from a wide array of artists and bands.

    - Bands To Watch - An extensive playlist series spotlighting talented new bands that are so good that there's a chance you might some day say you heard them first on IRC. :)


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    The new Vampire Weekend album, Contra, will be officially released on January 11th in the UK and January 12th in the US on XL Recordings.

    Contra is the band's long-awaited follow-up release to their wildly popular 2008 debut album, Vampire Weekend. The band is easily one of the most popular 'indie' rock-pop bands of the past couple of years; they have skyrocketed to international fame thanks to their unique 'Soweto' style academic pop and a relentless flurry of mainstream media, music blog admiration, endless touring and various appearances on dozens of TV shows (including Saturday Night Live) and radio programs over the past year.

    "White Sky" - Vampire Weekend from Contra (2010)

    Here's an unplugged, informal version of "White Sky" by Vampire Weekend via My Taratata.

    Here's the track listing for Contra:
    1. Horchata
    2. White Sky
    3. Holiday
    4. California English
    5. Taxi Cab
    6. Run
    7. Cousins
    8. Giving Up The Gun
    9. Diplomat's Son
    10 I Think Ur A Contra

    Related Posts:

    - Vampire Weekend Members Release New Musical Projects With Other Popular Indie Artists

    - Vampire Weekend Offer Peek at New Album at San Francisco Easter Sunday Show

    - More Vampire Weekend posts (some audio tracks have expired)

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    The Flaming Lips are back with three new songs from their upcoming album release, Embryonic (see album cover).

    Of the three new songs on the band's digital EP, Songs from the Future Album 'Embryonic' (EP cover art above), "Silver Trembling Hands," is the most Lips-ish, if you will; it's a weird and twisted song about the strange antics of a woman - a theme that has been at the core of some of the band's best known hits. The lyrics, "She puts diamonds on her forehead/ They remind her how the animals and trees and insects call," are likely to be interpreted in who knows how many different ways by fans.

    The other two tracks on the EP, "Convinced of the Hex" and "The Impulse" are available for streaming on The Flaming Lips MySpace page. The EP is available for purchase on iTunes, and the album will be available on October 13th. Pitchfork is also offering a stream of an even newer track, "See The Leaves," which it says has a "queasy krautrock beat, squirmy noise solos" and an "extended organ-vamp coda."

    Pitchfork is also reporting that for some ticket holders on the band's current tour, they will receive a free copy of the new EP, plus three previously released B-sides, and an "official" digital bootleg of the show they attend. Chalk that up to yet another innovative way that band's are creating new paradigms of music distribution. The Lips are also scheduled to appear on the Colbert Report this Wednesday.

    Besides The Flaming Lips, the band White Lies has made a relatively hard-to-find song, "Taxidermy," available for download. The song was originally the B-side of the sold out 7" single To Lose My Life, and has become a favorite at live shows. The band is currently on an extensive European-North American tour that will run through to the first week of December.

    Included in this playlist are also great songs from recent and upcoming releases by Good Night States, Sea Wolf (via IGIF blog), A.A Bondy, The Mummers, Rubies, The Clean, Adam Semerdjian, and Glorytellers. You can grab the Indie Rock Cafe feed anytime to get reviews, playlists, releases, band profiles and more any way you want.

    Check out the first installment of Ears To The Music, and also view Indie Songs of 2009, New Releases and all kind of indie rock playlists.

    “Silver Trembling Hands” - The Flaming Lips from Embryonic (2009)

    "Taxidermy" - White Lies from To Lose My Life 7" (2009)

    "Arsonist's Blues" - Good Night, States from Impossible Tension EP (2009)

    "Wicked Blood" - Sea Wolf from White Water, White Bloom (2009)

    "I Can See The Pines Are Dancing" - A.A. Bondy from When The Devil's Loose (2009)

    "Wonderland" - The Mummers from Tale To Tell (2009)

    "Stand in a Line" - Rubies from Explode from the Center (2009)

    "Tensile" - The Clean from Mister Pop (2009)

    "Your Love"- Alan Semerdjian from The Big Beauty (2009)

    "Concaves" - Glorytellers from Atone (2009)

    The next playlist of new 2009 songs from recent and upcoming releases includes free and legal MP3 tracks from The Spinto Band, Darlings, Blackboots and Blackhearts, Yo La Tengo, Princeton, Casiokids, Grand Hallway and Chet.

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    Kyp Malone with TV on The Radio performing "Wolf Like Me" on Letterman, 2006

    TV on the Radio singer-guitarist Kyp Malone will release his solo debut under the moniker Rain Machine September 22 on Anti- Records and then hit the road with a fall North American tour.

    Malone had already released the ramshackle-like song "Give Blood" a few weeks back, and now follows up with the track "Smiling Black Faces," a condemnation of the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell by NYC police officers. Thanks to Pitchfork for this one.

    Todd Goldstein, guitarist for Brooklyn’s Harlem Shakes, has a new single, "Kids Aflame," the title track off his debut album with his moonlighting band, ARMS. Apparently, the album developed from a "lo fi bedroom project," and is slated for US release on Gigantic Music (The Walkmen, Harlem Shakes).

    Iconic geek pop veterans and jingle-jangle enthusiasts They Might Be Giants are back with a new album Here Comes Science. The new album follows a familiar theme of the band's music in past years - pop music with an academic slant, and particularly aimed at children.

    The prolific Welsh band, Los Compesinos!, are back with a new single from a rumored 2010 new album. The new song, "The Sea is a Good Place to Think about the Future," is a story about a pretty but too thin girl who takes pills to drown the sorrow of her late mother's untimely death. The dark sound features Sigur Ros-like guitar licks, and is accompanied by this video.

    Canadian indie rockers Two Hours Traffic just released a new album, Territory, from which the title track is featured here. Throw Me The Statue has released a second song from their excellent recent release, Createsque. Johannesburg's indie rock band BLK JKS' (pronounced 'Black Jacks') new single "Molalatladi," and a track off The Dutchess and The Duke new release, are also featured in this playlist.

    "Smiling Black Faces" - Rain Machine from Rain Machine (2009)

    "Kids Aflame" - ARMS from s/t debut (release unavailable)

    "I Am a Paleontologist" - They Might Be Giants from Here Comes Science (2009)

    "The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future" - Los Campesinos!, released as single (2009)

    "Territory" - Two Hours Traffic from Territory (2009)

    "Ancestors" - Throw Me The Statue from Creaturesque (2009)

    “Molalatladi” - BLK JKS from After Robots (2009)

    "Hands" - The Dutchess and The Duke from Here (2009)

    Coming Up Next: Songs from new LPs, EPs and singles by Good Night States, A.A Bondy, Calypso, Extraperlo, Rubies, The Clean, Adam Semerdjian and others. You can grab the Indie Rock Cafe feed anytime to get reviews, playlists, releases, band profiles and more any way you want.

    Popular Posts in the past week featuring free, legal MP3 downloads:

    - New Release from ex-Concretes' vocalist Victoria Bergsman band Taken By Trees

    - Ears To The Music, Vol. I - Songs from COYB, The Love Language, Firs, The Very Most and more.

    - Fresh Tracks from Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Dr. Dog, South Ambulance, Fanfarlo and another playlist from The Raveonettes, Why/Themselves, These United States and many others.


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    Former lead vocalist of The Concretes, Victoria Bergsman, has released a new album this week with her current band, Taken By Trees. The LP, titled East of Eden, is the band's follow-up to their 2007 debut, Open Field.

    Bergsman traveled to Pakistan to work on the new album and the result is a remarkable indie pop sound mixed with influences of Pakistani music woven in with an affect that is sometimes mesmerizing. View the video above to see Bergsman explain why she went to Pakistan to record the new album.

    While listening to East of Eden, it's easy to get swept up in the lush melodies mixed with Swedish pop and Pakistani Qwaali musical elements that come together brilliantly. The entire album is refreshing, masterfully produced and packed with mystical references.

    Animal Collective fans might be interested to know that the band has done its own unique semi-cover of AC's "My Girls," titled "My Boys," which can be heard on the full album stream (via included in this post.

    "Watch The Waves" - Taken By Trees from East of Eden (2009)

    "Greyest Love of All" - Taken By Trees from East of Eden (2009)


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    bestrockmusic2009If you think you've missed out on some great songs from 2009, you're probably right; but don't worry, we're doing our best to keep you up on the latest best new indie and alternative rock from known, and relatively unknown, musicians and bands.

    Starting off this playlist is a new song from the Danish band Choir of Young Believers (above photo) is full of rich melodies, heart-felt lyrics and a catchy rhythm that is not easy to forget. And neither is the next song, the bright, Beach Boys-like pop tune "You're In Love with the Sun," by The Very Most, from their Spring EP released on Indie Cater Records.

    Other notable songs in this list include great tunes from Firs, The Love Language, Jar-e, Sea Curtain, Brown Recluse, Plus 49, The Idle Hands, Say Hi, Evan Voytas and Birds of Avalon.

    Special thanks to fellow music bloggers and online mags LargeHeartedBoy, FingerTipsMusic and IGuessI'mFloating, Spin, Stereogum, Pitchfork, Muzzle of Bees, and others, who recognize that much of the best new music is not on the radio, television or the Billboard charts. This playlist - and many others featured throughout 2009 on this site - of indie artists and bands proves this point even more so.

    "Action Reaction" - Choir of Young Believers from This Is For The White In Your Eyes (2009)

    "You're in Love with the Sun" - The Very Most from Spring EP (2009)

    "Welcome Home" - Firs from Man In Space (2009)

    "Lalita" - The Love Language from s/t debut (2009)

    "3 Leaf" - Jar-e from Chicas Malas (2009)

    "Viola" - Sea Curtain from Viola Music Club (2009)

    "Contour and Context" - Brown Recluse from The Soft Skin (2009)

    "Naive Brother" - Plus 49 from Integrity & Injury (2009)

    "Loaded" - The Idle Hands from The Hearts We Broke On The Way to the Show (2009)

    "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" - Say Hi from Oohs & Aahs (2009)

    "Getting Higher" - Evan Voytas from The New Dynamic Sound of Evan Voytas (2009)

    "Your Down Time Is Up" - Birds of Avalon from Uncanny Valley (2009)


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    pains of being pure at heartThe response to the summer playlist series on IRC over the past three months has been so remarkable, that we figured to add one more as the last blast for the summer of 2009. Don't give up on summer just yet.

    Kicking off this final summer mix is a wonderful noise pop song from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart from their critically acclaimed debut, self-titled album. One of the reasons for highlighting this song is not only because it's a great summer song, but also because there is news to go along with it. The band's label, Slumberland Records, is set to release the new EP on September 22. Stream "Higher Than The Stars" via Pitchfork. In the meantime, check out the third single from their new album, "Come Saturday."

    Next up is a fantastic new song from Swedish band South Ambulance. With a catchy title like "Davy Crockett," it might not sound like one of the best new indie tracks making the rounds, but once most people hear it, that all changes.

    Following South Ambulance is the irresistible, summer-feeling Dr. Dog song, "The Old Days." The song's melodic, mandolin plucking and hi-fi vocals build up into a crescendo of synths, choruses and guitar licks. Although it was originally released on Dr. Dog's 2008 album Fate, it seems to have become one of the underground summer anthems of 2009.

    Other songs in this mix feature a suave, Talking Heads-sounding tune from Fanfarlo's newest album, a jangly pop track from Electric Tickle Machine, a catchy, melodic track from the band Little Tybee, and the infectious summertime indie classic, "Nothing But Time," from OpusOrange (featured in July on IRC to a huge response from readers).

    OpusOrange is also credited with the fun, somewhat defiant pop song, "Roll On By," heard by many people this summer on a popular TV commercial. Vampire Weekend: Eat your heart out.

    Also, check out new songs from Podington Bear, Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle, Camera Obscura, Cool Devices, Wheels On Fire, Coma League, The Decks, Amazing Baby, The Color Turning, Roadside Graves, The Sweet Serenades and Paul Oakenfold. Enjoy the waning days of summer.

    "Come Saturday" - Pains of Being Pure At Heart from s/t debut (2009)

    "Davy Crockett" - South Ambulance from EP #4 (2009)

    "The Old Days" - Dr. Dog from Fate (2008)

    "Harold T. Wilkins" - Fanfarlo from Reservior (2009)

    "Part of Me" - Electric Tickle Machine from Blew It Again (2009)

    "Glass Brigade" - Little Tybee from I Wonder Which House The Fish Will Live In (2009)

    "Nothing But Time" - Opus Orange, unreleased web debut (2009)

    "Ebullience" - Podington Bear from The End (2009)

    "Huntsville.CA" - Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle from Havana Winter (2009)

    "My Maudlin Career" - Camera Obscura from My Maudlin Career (2009)

    "This Is Not A White World" - Cool Devices from Cool Devices EP (2009)

    "I'm Turning Into You" - Wheels On Fire from Get Famous (2009)

    "Pros and Cons" - Coma League from This Could Be The Night EP (2009)

    "What You Said" - The Decks from Breath and Bone (2009)

    "Bayonets" - Amazing Baby from Bayonets (2009)

    "Marionettes in Modern Times" - The Color Turning from Good Hands Band Blood (2009)

    "Far And Wide" - Roadside Graves from My Son's Home (2009)

    "Die Young" - The Sweet Serenades from Balcony Cigarettes (2009)

    Here's one for the time machine:

    "Starry Eyed Surprise" - Paul Oakenfield from Bunkka (2002)

    Get all five of the previous 2009 summer mixes.

    Yesterday's MP3 indie playlist: New songs from The Raveonettes, Why & Themselves, Paper Route, These United States, Datarock and many more.

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       September 8, 2009    5 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    raveonetteslastdanceWhat better way to kick-off a playlist of new indie rock songs then with a fresh track from the irresistibly dark rock duo the Raveonettes. "Last Dance" is seductive new demo from the Danish rockers upcoming October release, In And Out Of Control.

    Following the wildly popular Raveonettes is a pleasantly surprising new track featuring the indie bands Why? and Themselves. Having already heard Why's newest album, Eskimo Snow, a number of times, this song is a great warm-up track for anyone interested in getting a sample of what Eskimo Snow tastes like. Joining on the track are the duo Themselves Doseone and Jel.

    Next is a band that has been gaining a lot of momentum for all the right reasons in the past year. And they are also a nice antidote to the somewhat tarnished rep Sarah Palin has put on their hometown of Wasilia, Alaska. After a number of spins, Portugal The Man's new album, The Satanic Satanist, is clearly one of the best new releases of the summer. One of the standout tracks on the album is "People Say" (listen below). Another cool song is "Work All Day" (see acoustic video version).

    Portland, Oregon's Blitzen Trapper has just dropped six previously unreleased songs recorded during the production of their brilliant 2008 album, Furr. The songs on the new Black River Killer EP are further evidence of why the band has a growing following of fans in the past year or so. Included in this playlist is the title track from the EP, which is apparently a reworked version from last year.

    Paper Route's album, Absense, is turning out to be one of the highlight debut LPs of 2009; so if you like the song, "Last Time," included in this playlist, you're probably going to love the album. It's that good.

    Up next, These United States' hot-off-the-press, "I Want You To Keep Everything", is a single track from their new album - the third album in 18 months - Everything Touches Everything released earlier this week on United Interests.

    Norway's electro-rockers Datarock is back with an energy-charged new song "True Stories" from their new album, Red, on Nettwerk Records. It's the band's second full length release following their 2005 debut album, Datarock, Datarock, which became a huge hit in the geek-chic scene and made Datarock one of the best bands to emerge from Norway in recent years.

    Also in this playlist is a new song by Jemina Pearl featuring Iggy Pop on back-up vocals, plus fresh tunes from Langhorne Slim, The Shaky Hands, Coathangers and Alan Semerdjian and Golden Boots.

    "Last Dance"- The Raveonettes from In And Out of Control (2009)
    Compare to: "Aly,Walk With Me" - The Raveonettes from Lust Lust Lust (2008)

    "Canada" - Why? and Themselves (2009)

    "People Say" - Portugal. The Man from The Satanic Satanist (2009)

    "Last Time" - Paper Route from Absense (2009)

    "I Want You to Keep Everything" - These United States from Everything Touches Everything (2009)

    "True Stories" - Datarock from Red (2009)

    "I Hate People (with Iggy Pop)" - Jemina Pearl from Break It Up (2009)

    "I Love You But Goodbye" - Langhorne Slim from Be Set Free (2009)

    "Allison and the Ancient Eyes" - The Shaky Hands from Let It Die (2009)

    "Toomerhead" - Coathangers from Scramble (2009)

    "Your Love" - Alan Semerdjian from The Big Beauty (2009)

    "Love Is In The Air" - Golden Boots from Park Van Summer Sampler (2009)

    If you liked this playlist, click through the following popular stories and playlists published on IRC this summer and find out about some of the best rock of 2009.

    - Popular new songs from Radiohead, Grand Archives, Free Energy, Cymbal Eat Guitars and many others.

    - Free music from talented musicians and bands spotlighted recently on IRC, including Thunder Power, Low Water, Alberto Arcangeli, Mellow Down Easy, The Soft Hills, Black Them Boots and Blindfold. All relative unknowns that together offer a stunning and eclectic collection of new music.

    - The amazingly infectious and brilliant music of LA composer Paul Bassenbacher and his musical side-project Opus Orange. Altogether, five songs that were truly among the summer's most satisfying 'discoveries' for IRC.


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    islandsvapoursThe Montreal indie rock band Islands catapulted into the stratosphere of the 'the indie rock movement' - as Jay-Z recently called the popular genre - with their 2006 debut, Return to the Sea. That album, easily one of the best indie debuts of that year, featured contributions from members of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade.

    Island's third album, Vapours, is set for release on September 22 via Anti- Records and marks the return of original band member Jamie Thompson (to the relief of many Islands' fans). The title track of the album has been released by the band for public review. If the song "Vapours" is any indication of the rest of the album, the band is likely to yet again - this time for 2009 - make the best albums of the year list in the next couple of months.

    The eclectic, diverse line-up of the band, combined with their infectious, even quirky, sounds and styles, make them one of the most interesting indie bands of recent years. Following Islands' triumphant debut, the band turned around in 2007 with their second album, Arm's Way, a commendable follow-up that offered songs with lush orchestrations (which we all know Canadian indie bands have made much use of in recent years) accompanied by bold guitar driven prog-rock.

    Thompson's return to the band for the recording of Vapours is evident just on the title track itself, as it flirts back and forth between moody synthesizers and drum-machine-heavy beats and the classic pop sensibilities and melodic hooks of Return to the Sea. 
The song is incredibly catchy and even danceable, with a sound that is similar to Apples In Stereo's obvious Beatles-influence. For an 'indie' song, it has a seductive pop quality that is likely to be appreciated by a wider audience outside of the band's core fan base.

    The new album was produced by Nick Diamond and Chris Coady, who has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blonde Redhead and TV On The Radio. The band kicks off a five week tour across the states with a show in Tampa at the Ritz Ybor later this month. Check out Islands MySpace page for full concert schedule.

    "Vapours" - Islands from Vapours (2009)

    "Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" - Islands from Return to the Sea (2006)

    Watch and listen to Islands playing songs from Vapours during an acoustic set on ABC News last month.

    Video of Island's 2006 mini-hit single "Rough Gem"

    View Islands' profile on Anti- Records' website.

    Popular Posts This Week:Bold
    - Jay Z Calls "Indie Rock Movement" Inspiring
    - Songs About The Moon, Vol 2
    - Chad VanGaalen Up For Mercury Music Prize

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    songsmoonhalloweenTonight marks the September full moon. Next month, there will be no full moon around Halloween (the next full moon is Oct. 4). There will be a full moon the night before Halloween in 2012. The last time there was a 100% full moon, an orange full moon mind you, on Halloween night, was in 2001, and that was the first since 1955. The next full moon on trick or treat night won't happen, astronomers say, until 2020.

    Last month, for the first installment of the It's Moon Night/Songs About The Moon playlist, we featured moon mix of songs about the big, dead rock in the sky from bands like Radiohead, Neko Case, Sunset Rubdown, Bat For Lashes, Windmill, Grand Archives, The Walkmen, Tom Waits, The Police, Feist and many others.

    There were plenty of great moon songs left over, and as promised, they are represented in this playlist, which you can stream all at once just by clicking on the first song.

    "I Have The Moon" - The Magnetic Fields from The Charm Of The Highway Strip (2002)

    "Moon Song" - My Bloody Valentine from Tremolo EP (1991)

    "You And Me And The Moon" (Magnetic Fields cover) - This Is Ivy League from single release (2008)

    "Waiting For The Moon To Rise" - Belle & Sebastian from Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant (2000)

    "Song About The Moon" - Paul Simon from Hearts & Bones (2004)

    "Bike Ride To The Moon" - The Dukes of Stratstosphere from Chips From The Chocolate Fireball (1987)

    "The Killing Moon" - Echo & the Bunnymen from Ocean Rain (1984)

    "Standing On The Moon" (Live, 1991) - Grateful Dead from Built To Last (1989)

    "The Moon" - The Microphones from Blood (2001)

    "The Moon Is Down" - Explosions In The Sky from Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever (2005)

    "Moondance" - Van Morrison from Moondance (1970)

    "Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival from Green River (1969)

    "Moonshadow" - Cat Stevens from Teaser and the Firecat (1971)

    "Dancin’ In The Moonlight" - King Harvest from Dancin’ In The Moonlight (1973)

    "Full Moon" - The Kinks from Sleepwalker (1977)

    "Fly Me To The Moon" - Frank Sinatra from Sidestep (1994)

    "Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon" - They Might Be Giants from Miscellaneous T (1993)

    "Moon And Sun" - Gomez from Anatomy In Song (2007)

    "Fly Me To The Moon" - Astrud Gilberto from The Silver Collection (2000)

    "Dancing In The Moonlight" - Toploader (King Harvest cover) from A Walk To Remember ST (2004)

    Moon Trivia: Hundreds of years ago in Europe, the moon was thought by some people to cause insanity, thus, the Spanish word for moon, "luna," gave us the word "lunatic."

    View the 2009 Full and New Moon Calendar.

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    bradfordcoxpandabearThe prolific Bradford Cox of Deerhunter/Atlas Sound fame is releasing his second official full-length album, Logos, as Atlas Sound in October. While IRC has yet to review the full album, Stereogum contends that Logos "flows together so gorgeously as a 44-minute patchwork of sounds," and Cox himself says the album, unlike it's predecessor, Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel, "was recorded all over the world. It's not about me. There are collaborations with other musicians. The lyrics are not autobiographical. The view is a lot more panoramic and less close-up. I became bored with introspection."

    Cox teamed up with Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, and member of Animal Collective, to record a track on the new album. The song, "Walkabout," is a cheery electronic pop tune featuring Panda Bear's recognizable Beach Boys sounding, echoed vocal harmonies, and Cox's energetic synth mixing.

    "Walkabout" is so summer like, complete with sound samples of what sounds like children playing, that it makes total sense to release it now while summer still has a little fizzle left. Another song featured here, "Solo of the Square" is one of Cox's 2009 self-releases as Atlas Sound. Logos drops on October 20 via Kranky Records. Enjoy.

    "Walkabout" (with Panda Bear) - Atlas Sound from Logos (2009)

    "Solo Or The Square" - Atlas Sound from free 'Virtual 7", No. 6' (2009)

    Known for releasing volumes of his music for free via his blog, Cox also has a neat new cover song of Fleetwood Mac's "Walk The Thin Line", available as a free download. In addition, there are loads of other free downloads from Atlas Sound sprinkled throughout the blog.

    Cox also publishes awesome, eclectic mirco-mixes for download. The songs featured on each micro-mix are listed on his blog and downloadable as large MP3 files. Essential listening for Bradford Cox fans.

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    chadvangaalenChad VanGaalen is a singer-songwriter who garnered all kinds of praise and interest for his 2008 album release Soft Airplane. The album was recently nominated for Canada's 2009 Polaris Music Prize, sharing the list of nominees with Patrick Watson, Great Lake Swimmers and K'naan, among others.

    The good news for VanGaalen, a Subpop recording artist, came just a couple of weeks ago, and coincided nicely with his newest music project. Using the moniker of his electronica alter-ego Black Mold, VanGaalen released his new album, Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz, August 11th on Flemish Eye Records.

    VanGaalen spent the past couple of years experimenting with vintage analogue and hand-built modular synthesizers to create a new and electifying sound that has drawn parallels to the works of his previous recordings, including the albums Infiniheart and Skelliconnection. But VanGaalen's latest work is an album of instrumental electronica that mixes some old-school techniques, dips and pitches, minialistic themes and touches of distortion in various forms.

    On the song "Metal Spider Webs," it's almost as if you can hear a 'metal spider' building a web, which is quite surreal, but poignant. The track "Tetra Pack Heads" is laden with sound glitches that would be annoying to most people, and perhaps intriguing - or not - to fans of VanGaalen's respectable catalog of songs as a singer-songwriter.

    While Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz is unlikely to get nominated next year for a Polaris as Soft Airplane has been this year, it is a commendable side project with some impressive mixes. It's always a good sign when artists break out of their known format to take a risk and try something new, most especially when it is driven by a true passion and executed with heart and soul.

    "Willow Tree" - Chad VanGaalen from Soft Airplane (2008)

    "Metal Spider Webs" - Black Mold from Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (2009)

    "Tetra Pack Heads" - Black Mold from Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz (2009)

    Note: It's no secret to regular readers of IRC that we have a deep fondness for Subpop Records, not just because they have an amazing lineup of artists and bands, but also because of their unique relationship building efforts with music fans, bloggers and the media. There are other labels that do this as well - Merge, Labrador, Matador and Saddle Creek, to name a few. Along with Subpop, they serve as models for the successful record company of the next decade.

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    arctic monkeysAlex Turner of Arctic Monkeys at Reading Leeds Fest (photo:

    The Reading Leeds 2009 Music Festival wrapped up on Sunday, but the buzz about the performances from the likes of Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and many other indie rock heavyweights, is still lighting up the music blogs and social networks.

    The popular three-day fest - commonly referred to as The Reading Fest - is one of the biggest outdoor music events in all of Europe, and regularly sells out only days after tickets are made available for purchase. In fact, the organizers are already promoting the 2010 festival.

    Other notable artists and bands who performed at Reading 2009 include Bloc Party, Maximo Park, Kaiser Chiefs, New Found Glory, Placebo, Ian Brown, The Prodigy, Friendly Fires, The Rakes, Billy Talent, The Virgins, Crystal Castles, White Lies and dozens more.

    The following are video and song highlights from the Reading Festival 2009:

    In the video above, Radiohead briefly covers the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's track "Maps" as an intro to "Everything In Its Right Place."

    "All I Need" - Radiohead (via our friends at

    Arctic Monkeys performing "Crying Lightning" this past weekend at the Reading Festival. Courtesy of BBC Radio One. Folks in the UK can watch more of the Arctic Monkeys' set at Reading on the BBC website.

    "Crying Lightning" - Arctic Monkeys (via

    Kaiser Chefs performing "Ruby" last Saturday at Reading 2009 to an enthusiastic crowd. UK fans, let's face it, are just much more energetic than fans you see at U.S. festivals; just watch the crowd in the videos if you're not convinced.

    View the Reading Fest's homepage.

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