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songsmoonhalloweenTonight marks the September full moon. Next month, there will be no full moon around Halloween (the next full moon is Oct. 4). There will be a full moon the night before Halloween in 2012. The last time there was a 100% full moon, an orange full moon mind you, on Halloween night, was in 2001, and that was the first since 1955. The next full moon on trick or treat night won't happen, astronomers say, until 2020.

Last month, for the first installment of the It's Moon Night/Songs About The Moon playlist, we featured moon mix of songs about the big, dead rock in the sky from bands like Radiohead, Neko Case, Sunset Rubdown, Bat For Lashes, Windmill, Grand Archives, The Walkmen, Tom Waits, The Police, Feist and many others.

There were plenty of great moon songs left over, and as promised, they are represented in this playlist, which you can stream all at once just by clicking on the first song.

"I Have The Moon" - The Magnetic Fields from The Charm Of The Highway Strip (2002)

"Moon Song" - My Bloody Valentine from Tremolo EP (1991)

"You And Me And The Moon" (Magnetic Fields cover) - This Is Ivy League from single release (2008)

"Waiting For The Moon To Rise" - Belle & Sebastian from Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant (2000)

"Song About The Moon" - Paul Simon from Hearts & Bones (2004)

"Bike Ride To The Moon" - The Dukes of Stratstosphere from Chips From The Chocolate Fireball (1987)

"The Killing Moon" - Echo & the Bunnymen from Ocean Rain (1984)

"Standing On The Moon" (Live, 1991) - Grateful Dead from Built To Last (1989)

"The Moon" - The Microphones from Blood (2001)

"The Moon Is Down" - Explosions In The Sky from Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever (2005)

"Moondance" - Van Morrison from Moondance (1970)

"Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival from Green River (1969)

"Moonshadow" - Cat Stevens from Teaser and the Firecat (1971)

"Dancin’ In The Moonlight" - King Harvest from Dancin’ In The Moonlight (1973)

"Full Moon" - The Kinks from Sleepwalker (1977)

"Fly Me To The Moon" - Frank Sinatra from Sidestep (1994)

"Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon" - They Might Be Giants from Miscellaneous T (1993)

"Moon And Sun" - Gomez from Anatomy In Song (2007)

"Fly Me To The Moon" - Astrud Gilberto from The Silver Collection (2000)

"Dancing In The Moonlight" - Toploader (King Harvest cover) from A Walk To Remember ST (2004)

Moon Trivia: Hundreds of years ago in Europe, the moon was thought by some people to cause insanity, thus, the Spanish word for moon, "luna," gave us the word "lunatic."

View the 2009 Full and New Moon Calendar.

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songs about the moonTonight is the August full moon. There is something particularly romantic and special about a full moon on a summer's night. Since the time of the first humans, the moon has been the subject of man's fascination, wonder and curiosity, inspiring entire civilizations and fueling the work of countless writers, scientists, artists, musicians, and lovers for centuries.

The phases of the moon have served as the basis for calendars, religious practices, age-old customs and more, and have had a profound influence on the shaping of human civilization. Nowadays, we know that our moon is not much more than a giant rock. Yet that fact has never lessened its beauty, its magnetic power and its significance to people worldwide.

Just last month, the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing. For those of us who did not get to experience that monumental moment in human history, it is hard to understand what a thrilling time it was in world that was increasingly troubled. So with this being the first full moon night since all of the media coverage of the moon landing anniversary, it seems like a good time to make a playlist featuring great songs about the moon.

While this site focuses most of the time solely on indie music, from time to time, it's nice to mix it up and include great music from classic rock, folk, jazz, hip hop, blues, new wave and so on.

Casting out a big net like that when putting together a playlist mix of songs about the moon creates a particular challenge. This is not meant to be a definitive list of the best moon songs, but hopefully it comes close. Next month, on September's full moon night (Sept. 4), the second moon mix - featuring songs that could not fit on this list - will be published.

"Moon And Moon" - Bat For Lashes from Two Suns (2009)

"Silver Moons" - Sunset Rubdown from Dragonslayer (2009)

"Climbing To The Moon" (Jon Brion Remix) - Eels from Meet The Eels: Essential Eels 1996-2006, Vol. 1

"Tokyo Moon" - Windmill from Puddle City Racing Lights (2009)

"I Wish I Was The Moon" - Neko Case from Blacklisted (2002)

"Sail To The Moon" - Radiohead from Hail To The Thief (2003)

"Man on the Moon" - R.E.M. from Automatic for the People (1992)

"Red Moon" - The Walkmen from You & Me (2008)

"My Moon My Man" - Feist from The Reminder (2007)

"Walking On The Moon" - The Police from Reggatta de Blanc (1979)

"If We Can Land A Man On The Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart" - Beulah from When Your Heartstrings Break (1999)

"Tahitian Moon" - Porno For Pyros from Good God's Urge (1996)

"Drunk On The Moon" - Tom Waits Live on KWFM (1975)

"Index Moon" - Grand Archives from The Grand Archives (2008)

"Blue Moon" - Atlas Sound from Covers Two Songs For My Dad EP (2007)

"Lovers From The Moon" - The Magnetic Fields from The Wayward Bus/Distanct Plastic Trees (1991)

"New Moon" - Sambassadeur from New Moon (2005)

"Moon Pulls" - Mum from Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy (2007)

"Madame Moon" - Zooey, unreleased (2009)

Because there are so many notable songs about our moon, it will be necessary to follow up this playlist with another moon mix next month featuring artists and bands like These United States, Mount Eerie, Melt Banana, Pavement, Odawas, Belle & Sebastian, Great Lake Swimmers, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Cloud Cult, Soundpool, Deerhunter and more.

Did You Know?: Did you know that because our luna has a synchronous rotation with Earth, we will never see the "dark side of the moon" looking up at the night sky.

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