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Calling their music jungle garage rock, Brooklyn's Golden Triangle officially dropped their split-single 7" with The Fresh Onlys today via Hardly Art. We think the track, "Cold Bones," is a great way to kick off this week's installment of Best New Release. Also included is "Neon Noose," a song from the band's excellent debut, Double Jointer, released last month.

"Cold Bones" - Golden Triangle from Golden Triangle/Fresh and Onlys split 7"

"Neon Noose" - Golden Triangle from Double Jointer
Golden Triangle on MySpace

MGMT's new album, Congratulations, has been one of the most anticipated releases of 2010. Although it has been leaked online for about a month or so early, the LP is expected to do well, and it should. We've listened to it a number of times, and it's top list material; the only hesitation that some folks may have is that the band is becoming too popular and too fast, and perhaps their sound on Congratulations is a bit too polished.

In addition, signing to a big label puts an artist at a bit of a conflict of interest, and in some people's eyes, disqualifies them from further residency in their music collection. All of that is totally understandable, but at the end of the day, great music will stand on its own merit.

"Flash Delirium"
- MGMT from Congratulations

"Congratulations" - MGMT from Congratulations

The first time we heard The Tallest Man on Earth last year, we were blown away. The man behind the moniker, Swedish folk singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson, of Dalarna, Sweden, has an undeniable Dylanesque nasal yowl and acoustic song crafting that has made him fairly popular in Europe, United States and Canada. The Tallest Man on Earth wrapped up a tour of Europe last month. Tomorrow, Matsson launches a 30-city North American tour.

"Burden of Tomorrow" - The Tallest Man on the Earth from The Wild Hunt

doshandrewbirdThis is just the tip of the iceberg of songs we like a lot from this week's new albums. Plus, they are all free and legal MP3s for you to keep as well. Hopefully you'll find some songs that you really like - or love - to add to your iTunes, iPod, Blackberry, or whatever you use to play MP3s.

Continuing on, today marks the release of the new album from Dosh, aka Martin Dosh. The popular Minnepolis experimental electronica and folk rock singer collaborated with a number of musicians on his new album, Tommy. Andrew Bird sang vocals on the single from the album, "Number 41." Dosh launches a two-month, 25-city North American tour tomorrow in Milwaukee.

"Number 41 (featuring Andrew Bird)" - Dosh from Tommy
Dosh official website

The Freelance Whales finally release their debut album after a year of courting buzz on the blogs and music websites, playing something like seven shows at SXSW 2010, not to mention a lengthy tour schedule. Pitchfork pretty much slammed the band's debut, giving it a 4.4 rating. Sure, they are not a sensation, but they do show promise for such young musicians. We enjoyed two of their shows at SXSW, but there's definitely room for improvement and growth.

"Generator First Floor" - Freelance Whales from Weathervanes


We've listened to the latest album, Suspicious Package, from the fantastic rock band Earl Greyhound, and it's an album worth your investment, especially if you are already a EG fan. Following "The Ghost and the Witness," is a track from the Arizona band Black Market, who sent us this track from their new album, which we have yet to hear. Depending on how good it is overall, Black Market may be one of IRC's Bands to Watch in 2010.

Based on the song featured here, and a couple others we've heard, the band has a well honed guitar riff heavy and pounding drum sound delivered with the kind of angst and energy that is further evidence that raw rock will always be around no matter how many relatively new and popular bands employ synthesizers, drum sampling and reverb.

"The Ghost and the Witness" - Earl Greyhound from Suspicious Package

"Tongue Twister Typo" - Black Market from St. Vincent Decor

"Tea and Thunderstorms" is a stunning orchestral piece from Olney Clark's debut self-titled album, which dropped today. Olney Clark is lead by duo Grant Olney and Barry DeBakey. Written during Olney's Ph.D. in algorithmic algebraic geometry (say that five times fast) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Also from Scotland, is the band Palace Ballet who dropped their double single, "Gabriel/City Lights" officially yesterday. Plus, you won't want to miss the double-shot of psychedelic rock from Indianapolis band Burnt Ones.

"Tea and Thunderstorms" - Olney Clark from s/t debut

"Josefin the Writer" - Olney Clark from s/t debut

Olney Clark on MySpace

"City of Lights" - Palace Ballet from City of Lights/Gabriel 7"

Gonna Listen To T-Rex (All Night Long)" - Burnt Ones from All Night Long

"All Right (Sha-La-La)" - Burnt Ones from All Night Long

Burnt Ones on MySpace


The Senryu song, "Inklings," is a great track that really only gets rolling three minutes in (of a five minute track). It's too bad they didn't think of unleashing the chorus, and the meat of the song, earlier on and for a longer period of time because it's really catchy. Plushgun, on the other hand, gets things going right from the start, with the lead track, "Mixtapes," from their new album. Even though it's more dreamy, melodic and ambient, it's more inviting, especially for impatient folks.

"Inklings" - Senryu from Inklings
Senryu on MySpace

"Mixtapes" - Plushgun from Peace
Plushgun on MySpace

The mellow, dreamy theme continues on the ironically titled, "Retaliate," from the relatively unknown Benni Hemm Hemm. The track from electro-pop dance band Curry and CoCo should get you moving; Legendary Shack Shakers rock it with "Sin Eater"; Chin-Chin chew bubblegum pop on "Dark Days"; Nick Jaina employs catchy rhythms and pure melodies on "Sleep Child"; the band Endtables mix garage rock and punk with lo-fi and The Roans close out with an alternative folk that appears to have Neil Young and Built to Spill influences.

"Retaliate" - Benni Hemm Hemm from Retaliate EP
Benni Hemm Hemm official website

"Sex is Fashion" - Curry & Coco from We Are Beauty

"Sin Eater" - Legendary Shack Shakers from Agridustrial
Legendary Shack Shakers official website

"Dark Days" - Chin-Chin from Sound of the Westway
Chin-Chin artist page

"Sleep Child" - Nick Jaina from A Bird in the Opera House
Nick Jaina official website

"Process of Elimination" - The Endtables from The Endtables
The Endtables on MySpace

"Fireside" - The Roans

"Ambitions & War" - JBM from Not Even in July
JBM official website

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   April 13, 2010   


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