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  • UPDATE: Colbert Claims Victory - Read now

    Last night, Steven Colbert of The Colbert Report - one of my favorite TV personalities after John Stewart and David Letterman - accused The Decemberists indie rock band of stealing his idea of the green-scene animation contest.

    On an episode of the show last month, Colbert asked his viewers to create an animation enhancement of a video Colbert made against a green back scene.

    The low budget, shoddy shot video shows a crazed Colbert swinging around wildly making geeky gestures that only he can with a "laser sword" (a comic take on Star Wars) against a green back scene.

    Nowadays, many movies ("Shrek" being one of the first), music videos and other visual media are recorded using a green back scene. The green screen (it was blue in the early days) allows animators to more easily add and fill in animated characters, special effects, backgrounds, spatial data and so on, thereby creating, a cyber collaboration, if you will.

    On November 13, prior to the issue being reported on CNET, IRC posted a profile of The Decemberists that included a mention of their green-screen animation contest and its likeness to the Colbert video.

    I was surprised, and somewhat excited last night when at the top of his program, Colbert blasted The Decemberists for holding a similar "fill in the green-scene" contest for their new music video O Valencia!.

    So I asked the obvious question: Does Stephen Colbert read my blog?

    If so, it's OK, I love you Stephen, even though your a conversative Republican (or at least play one on TV).

    If you can't admit you regularily read my indie rock blog showcasing the best of indie music, then shame on you, Mr. Colbert!

    A T-shirt is in the mail.

    Now my challenge: Who got the story right the first time?

    A - Indie Rock Cafe
    B - The Colbert Report
    C - CNET News
    D - Stereogum
    E - Pitchfork

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       November 30, 2006    4 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Just like any other genre of music, listening to the classics of indie rock is not only an education in and of itself, with lots of jems to discover on the way, but also a good lesson about a form of music that has only recently matured - that is indie rock (or alternative, whatever you want to call it).

    This week's "Digging The Archives" featured album may have come out 11 years ago, but it still fresh and inviting - chock full of great, if not obscure, 'oldskool' indie rock.

    With an indie star line-up that includes singers from Yo La Tengo and Luna, Wasps' Nest (1995), by The 6ths, easily ranks as one of the most influential records that emerged onto the indie scene during the still-very-underground genre.

    Produced and composed by The Magnetic Fields front man Stephin Merritt, Wasps' Nest offers a collection of wonderfully diverse songs that somehow all fit together to form a classic album. Listening to tracks like 'San Diego Zoo', 'Falling Out' of 'Love, Winter in July' and 'Heaven In A Black Leather Jacket' conjures up images of bands like well, yeah, The Magnetic Fields, but also later day indie sensations like Built To Spill, Future Bible Heroes and Yo La Tengo.

    Not so ironically, one of the indie artists performing on the album is Yo La Tengo's Georgia Hubley. It seems a natural collboration for Merritt and Hubley. Also lending their vocal talents to the indie classic are Barbara Manning, Dean Wareham of Luna, Mary Timony of Helium, Robert Scott of The Bats, Chris Knox, Lou Barlow.

    Can you imagine if this talent-drooling experiment had taken the next step and become a permanent indie band? Talk about it using the Comments below.

    Thankfully, and to the praise of many rock critics and indie fans, Merritt resembled and reconfigured The 6ths two years after Wasps Nest to produce a collection of songs he almost exclusively composed. Merritt and Magnetic Fields were reeling from the accolades of 69 Love Songs (a three-disc indie classic) when Merritt set out to conceive a follow-up to Wasps Nest debut, Hyacinths and Thistles, five years later. To help out, he commissioned the vocal gifts of Bob Mould, Sarah Cracknell, Gary Numan and Marc Almond.

    The result was a yet another critically received work of pure indie genius five years after the release of Wasps' Nest. Indie rock critics and fans around the world praised it and some called it yet another indie classic.

    Shortly after it's release, The 6ths unofficially disbanded. That's a bit strange since they were never officically an established band in the tradition sense, but more as an experiment.

    Fans of The 6ths would love to hear more. Let's hope that Merritt gets the itchies to revive The 6ths and set out to recruit some of the best in the indie music world to collaborate on creating a potentially third classic indie rock band.

    The result, which included Hot on the heels of the well-received Magnetic Fields project 69 Love Songs, Merritt was the 6ths second album, Hyacinths and Thistles, with vocal help from Marc Almond, Bob Mould, Gary Numan, and Sarah Cracknell, among others.

    To think of the subsequent work they could release if the union reunited.

    Meanwhile, each member continued on their road to making great music. Merritt, not surprisingly (and thankfully for MF fans and yet to be fans), returned to The Magnetic Fields and pump out some great work.

    Take a look at the band's official web site discography [link]
    Die-hard indie fans have ready heard this album or are trying to find it right now. Enjoy and get a sense of some of the pioneers of indie rock as we know it today.

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    Pitchfork Media, a leading music resource on the web, has had its fair share of critics over the years, even anti-Pitchfork web sites have sprung up. Now that's some disgruntled folks. For everyone that complains, there's about 200 others who agree. Is that right Peoria?Something like that. We do music here, not statistics.

    Yet the heat has been turned up in recent months as more mainstream news and magazines dig into the reporting, motivations and backgrounds of some of the Pitchfork Media management and staff.

    The lastest to stick a hot fork in Pitchfork questionging the popular online music site's reputation and journalistic integrity is Matthew Shaer, whose article Die, Pitchfork, Die! appears in the November issue of Slate. Ouch.

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       November 29, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Each week, in addition to our Top 20 Indie Countdown, IRC will highlight artists that we like and want to share with the world. (We are always amazed by how many wonderful artists who make simply great music are under appreciated.)

    This is the first installment of IRC's Highlighted Indie Artists of the Week series.

    Note: Highlighted artists in this series are not necessarily new on the scene, and some have gone on to sign with big labels and enjoy success that some indie fans claim makes them no longer "indie" (the never-ending debate).

    Nevertheless, Indie Rock Cafe endeavors to showcase the best "up and coming" artists, and those that have been around but have been under appreciated. Please leave comments or send us email about new artists.

    The Starting Line - They are not exactly unknown, but it's hard not to get drawn in by The Starting Line's catchy, polished, high-octane pop rock songs. And there has to be something said for the dynamics of such a young band. In fact, lead singer, Ken Vasoli, was only 15 (he said at the time he was 16) when they were signed to their first record deal in 2003.

    The band's sound is potentially commercial radio level - tight and well engineered, but they also offer songs that are more free and dominated by acoustic baselines, musical shifts and right-on-key choruses.

    This is one of the best "indie" bands we've heard and to some their songs could easily turn up on a soundtrack for "Grey's Anatomy" or "The OC". The best comparison of their sound would be Blink 182. And still The Starting Line stands out on their own as one of the best rock/pop bands on the scene.

    Related: Interesting story about the band's formation.

    Check out some of the group's music.


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       November 27, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Defining indie music is somewhere on the list of head-scratching questions like "what came first, the chicken or the egg?"

    For decades, music critics, musicians and fans have attempted to create the one-and-all, decisive definition (um..Wikisomething) for indie rock, and it is still unclear to most people.

    For example, are artists from Matador Records (one of the best 'independent' record labels) considered indie just because Matador doesn't make the billions the Big Four do?
    (featured in photo is Architecture in Helsinki)

    So we go back to the original question: What is indie rock (which envelopes many sub-genres).

    Traditionalists snarl at the question, claiming that the answer is simple; indie music is any music that is not released by the Big Four (formerly the Big Five until Sony and BMG merged last year) conglomerate of the recording industry - Sony/BMG, EMI, Warner and Universal.

    In essence, the traditionalists have it right, and they are usually the ones who harken back to the punk and post-punk eras when indie music really began to challenge the major labels.

    But still, there are many music listeners who consider themselves indie music fans, not independent music fans. And many still ask "when did alternative rock start?"

    Somehow, it seems as if the term indie has evolved to include bands that start out small, then accumulate a following, perhaps get a hit single and whether or not they sign on with a major label are still considered "indie". Recent examples include Taking Back Sunday and The Killers.

    But many of the "indie" artists that have become very popular have signed on with major record labels. Therefore, are they indie artists any longer? Or is that approach to the understanding of indie music just completely off?

    Who knows, but I think indie music, or again "indie rock", really encompasses so much music that it is nearly impossible to pin it down. Nevertheless, another worthy stab at defining indie rock is offered up by the folks at IGN Boards.

    For the sake of this website, we are going to primarily focus on really, really indie artists who deserve much more attention. Does that mean we are helping to guide them towards a possible new attitude, big cars and homes and a major record contract? We don't know, and we don't really sweat it.

    Ultimately, it is up to the fans to decide what they like and what they want to label it as (everyone has their own playlists nowadays, right?).

    However, we will also cover bands that are making a buzz and continue to follow groups like The Decemberists who 'crossed over' and signed with a major record label last year.

    If an artist or band have made great music as indie artists for a while, and then continues to make great music with a major label, this site will keep fans up-to-date on their news, releases, tours and other worthy information. But again, the primary focus will be on purely indie bands.

    From all the online messages and bulletins I've read, and everyone I've talked to and everything the definition of indie rock is malleable, and perhaps that is its greatest strength.

    Indie rock means different things to different people. For some they have no idea what it means and for others, they have found a way to define and rationalize their criteria for what qualifies as indie rock.

    The real test of what makes an indie artist, and thus, indie and alternative music, hard-core indie vigilantes assert, is when an artist surrenders creative control of his work, even when he makes alterations to his work at the bequest (and/or possible breach of contract) of others for "packaging" reasons.

    If he bends to the pressure, he has lost his soul, the musician has transformed and he or she is an indie artist no more.

    One friend calls them "corporate money sluts who don't have the courage to say 'fuck this, my creative freedom is more important than the mansions and cars. Plus, " he snickers, "indie rockers get laid more and by hotter chicks."

    I will be updating this page periodically as I obtain more insights into what makes indie and alternative rock and how much emphasis needs to be placed on how much fame or fortune the "indie" artist gains.

    One thing for sure is that we can whittle indie music down to a time period and a collection of sub-genres.

    Offer your thoughts about indie and alternative music by joining the discussion (use Comments button).

    Over time, we can gather various opinions, facts and sentiments to come up with a reasonable definition of what is indie rock.

    Attention Writers: We are building a database of indie rock record labels. If you want to take a label and write a review about it, include some of its biggest artists and whatever else is relevant, send an email to contact at

    Successful submissions will receive a free listing in our link exchange page plus of course your published writing on a music blog that gets 5,000 hits a month and counting.

    Here's a list of just some of the record labels. Please use the Comments section to add labels not on this list and help IRC grow into one of the best indie music blogs on the Internet. I will also be updating this list as time goes on, but too busy working on other sections of the IRC site, plus the upcoming Indie Rock Concerts and Indie Rock Songs websites.

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       November 26, 2006    5 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    The wildly popular and remarkably talented band Of Montreal have posted their complete tour dates with cities and links to venues and ticket sales.

    From January until the first week of April, Of Montreal will tour all over the United States (with a few dates in Canada) starting out in the South moving across the Southwest, into California, up through the Pacific Northwest, back down South, across the Midwest, the Northeast and back down South again.

    Wow, they're going to be exhausted. There are more than 35 dates booked into four months.

    Of Montreal 2007 Tour Dates from their official web site.


    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 23, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Spoon has just risen to a new level of recognition - for better or worse - supplying multiple tracks for the soundtrack of the new movie starring Will Farrel, Stranger Than Fiction.

    Other notables appearing on the soundtrack include Wreckless Eric, Delta 5 and Califone.

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       November 19, 2006    1 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Does anyone know what's going on with American Analog Set?

    Unfortunately, for fans of AAS there's no news about the band on their AAS official web site. It appears the site has not been updated in almost a year. That of course leads some to wonder if the band has broken up.

    On the brighter side, die-hard fans may be happy to know (if they don't already) that the band offers a free download of nearly a dozen demo songs. The songs are packaged in a Zip file that is 60 megabytes. I send my thoughts of a faster download if you are on a modem connection.
    Bonus: Go to this fan web site to download live tracks and interviews.


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       November 17, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    The Kooks were named best UK-Ireland rock band of the year and The Killers took away the prize at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Oh, and Madonna was "snubbed." Cool.

    Fans of The Kooks might want to check out the following sites:

    The Kooks Official Web Site
    Kooks Fan Site - My Space (warning: embedded music)
    The Kooks - Wikipedia
    Kooks Similar to The Kinks - Variety
    Kooks Discussions -

    Killers Resources:

    The Killers Music -

    The Killers Portal - Yahoo! Music
    The Killers Fan Site -

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    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    It seems like TV On The Radio is gaining ground every day with more and more indie fans being turned on to their music.

    There are likely to be even more fans when their next album comes out. In the meantime, check out making of 'Wolf Like Me' from MTV.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 15, 2006    1 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    For the past few years, Information Leafblower
    , has released it's Top 40 bands in America. This year, and since they started compiling the list in 2003, there are many favorite indie bands among the ranks.

    Each awardee profile includes quotes from the site's critics about the choosen recipient. TV On The Radio took the No. 1 spot, with The Hold Steady and The Decemberists taking second and third respectfully.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    You'd notice these folks if they were walking down Main Street in your town with their stuffy 1880's attire, Japanese hand fans and, well, make-up, but would you know that they are The Decemberists?

    Like their name, The Decemberists' music is unconventional. But that didn't stopped the group from rocketing upward - at warp speed compared to many other artists - to become one of the top indie bands of the past few years.

    However, some of the group's first and most loyal fans were, let's say, less than happy when the band "crossed the line" and went big-time, signing on with Capitol Records this year to record The Crane Wife.

    The group's founder, singer and songwriter, Colin Meloy, told The Boston Globe that signing with Capitol had not interfered with his work because the contract stipulates that "the label would stay out of the creative process."

    Nevertheless, the talented indie quintet has wooed fans with their experimental, infectious music that combines pop and rock with contemporary and British folk influences infused with theatrical transitions, catchy melodies, melancholic bass lines, and crafty, often quirky, lyrics and subject matter.

    Hints of Cake, Belle & Sebastian, They Might Be Giants and Tom Waits are sprinkled throughout their music. There are definitely other artists The Decemberists can be compared with simply because the diversity and depth of their music makes it hard to categorize them.

    Meloy's music is described, on The Decemberists' official web site, as "an infallible melodic knack with a venturesome lyrical palette equally suitable for painting fantastical songs full of sea captains, legionnaires, chimney sweeps and seekers of all kinds."

    The Missoulian spotlights the rise in popularity of The Decemberists - from the buzz initially created by a few indie bloggers and college radio disc jockeys, to their uncanny inability to be labeled by mainstream music journalism, and their frequent play volume on radio stations across the country and around the world.

    Decemberists' Video Contest
    Contribute your animation to a Decemberists' music video of "O Valencia" and win a computer. A green-screen contest? Hmmm, Didn't Steven Colbert do that first?

    Go to MTV for more details. Deadline is December 15, 2006! You can also sample and download Decemberists' songs for less than .30 cents each (with monthly subscription).

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       November 12, 2006    3 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    The box set of Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas is out and fans are gobbling it up.

    Stevens is clearly one of the most talented and exciting indie artists of the day. His fan following is huge and loyal. As long as he keeps putting out quality music that is fun, melodic, witty "Indie Americana" music, the fans will keep listening.

    It's hard to find any other artist as quintessentially talented in more than one way as Stevens. He has his own style. His lyrics are about common people, places and things, often based on that which appeals to children or is somehow childlike. His voice has all the characteristics of a great singer, able to deliver smooth melodies and also sing high notes with apparent ease.

    So, all things considered, it's no wonder Sufjan Stevens is winning over new fans every day.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 10, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    Blind Melon reunites and releases three songs you can listen to for free.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    Finals are coming up, so students who DJ college radio stations across the US have submitted their Top Ten play lists to

    This is a great way to get a meter on what's hot on college stations and even includes photographs and favorite albums from station "workers."

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    Kings of Leon are set to launch their second album Aha Shake Heartbreak later this month.

    The much anticipated second album from the Tennesssee quartet follows the success of the band's 2003 debut Youth and Young Manhood. Kings of Leon consists of four brothers - Jared, Matthew, Caleb and Nathan Followill.

    The band is currently on tour in Australia with Pearl Jam through the end of Novemeber.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 9, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
         Submit Your Music      Get the IRC Feed   IRC on WeAreHunted

    After an October and November string of gigs throughout the UK and Ireland, the Flaming Lips will be in San Francisco on December 30 to officially wrap up their 2006 tour.

    flaming lips music and screensaver

    The geniuses of experimental indie pop-rock will be playing at the famous Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in downtown San Francisco.

    Are you a flaming Flaming Lips fan? Cool. Share your observations, information and anything else about this fantastic band by clicking on the Comments link below.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    We love when a new indie band breaks through with its own identity, attitude and great sound.

    Lately, critics are hailing Secret Machines from Dallas, Texas.

    The band is actually not new on the indie scene, but have been recently catching on in the U.S. and European indie rock scenes. They are defintely worth a check. In fact, Reuters raised the prospect that they are the best kept secret in indie rock. What do you think?

    EMG's All Music Guide writes:
    "Revealing a sharp songwriting instinct and unfolding a distinct indie rock influence, Secret Machines unveil singular scenarios and refined tunes within the alternative pop/rock scene."

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 8, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
         Submit Your Music      Get the IRC Feed   IRC on WeAreHunted

    Having released only one album in 2005 (self-titled), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah received overwhelming interest in their music before they release their album. Buzz on the web fueled the interest and the band was featured on NPR.

    If you are a CYHSY fan, check out winter tour schedule. You can also find more information about the group in our Artist profiles section.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    Matador Records has updated its tour dates for November and December bookings. They include new dates for popular artists Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, The New Pornographers, Chavez, Dead Meadow and Pretty Girls Make Graves.


    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

    In a stiff competition for the "best" Euro rockers, The Killers took the prize for best Euro Indie Rock Band, leaving behind popular nominees such as The Arctic Monkeys.

    eMusic's FREE Daily Download!

       November 5, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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    One of the great Canadian indie rock/pop bands, Of Montreal, is getting renewed airplay for their 2005 song "Everyday Feels Like Sunday," (not to be confused with Morrissey's "Everyday Is Like Sunday").

    Of Montreal's song is currently being played on a television commercial, but I'm not sure what the commercial is for. I have to see it again (I was on the phone).

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       November 1, 2006    0 Comments     Vote Songs on Hypem   MP3 Policy 
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